Our nine U.S. Thematic Clusters study Earth’s outer skin - where water, atmosphere, ecosystems, soil & rock interact.

About CZNet

The Critical Zone Collaborative Network (CZNet) is the next phase of NSF’s Critical Zone research program, comprised of nine Thematic Clusters with a wide range of geological, climatic, and land use settings that provide an opportunity to better understand the critical zone.

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What is the Critical Zone

The Critical Zone is Earth's outer skin, but often defined from bedrock to treetop. This is an enviro​nment where rock, soil, water, air, and living organisms interact and shape the Earth's surface.

NEW Research Opportunity for Undergraduates(CZ-REU)!

CZNet is pleased to announce a newly-funded CZ-REU Program!

Program Dates: May 31-August 8, 2023

Deadline to Apply: March 31, 2023

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The Critical Zone Collaborative Network builds upon the outcomes of the Critical Zone Observatories project.

The Critical Zone Observatories (CZO) project was started in 2007 and consisted of nine observatories. The CZO website has been archived for reference.

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