Note to CZ colleagues

The CZO program will end Nov. 2020, succeeded by a new "Critical Zone Collaborative Network”. Let's explore how the CZ community can build upon the CZOs via new NSF proposals (due 02 Dec. 2019). Learn more about the new network and get in touch!

CZO works closely with CZEN

CZEN, the Critical Zone Exploration Network is an international community of people and field sites investigating processes in the Critical Zone: CZEN Info | Jobs & Opportunities | Community Groups | Field Sites (Site Seeker)



PhD or MS studying nitrogen cycling at Penn State University

11 Nov 2019 (National, Shale Hills) - PhD or MS opportunities to study nitrogen cycling in forest and/or agricultural soils at Penn State University.


CZOs at AGU 2019

11 Nov 2019 (National, Boulder, Calhoun, Catalina-Jemez, Eel, IML, Luquillo, Reynolds, Shale Hills, Sierra) - A list of CZ-related sessions, abstracts and events at the 2019 AGU Fall Meeting.


Movie: Feature on the German - Chilean Earthshape CZ project

28 Oct 2019 (National) - Watch a new movie featuring the German - Chilean Earthshape project entitled "The Skin of the Earth: where Life meets Rocks."


CZ colleagues: Please contact us about proposals for NSF’s CZ Collaborative Network, due 02 Dec 2019

08 Jul 2019 (National, Boulder, Calhoun, Catalina-Jemez, Christina, Eel, IML, Luquillo, Reynolds, Shale Hills, Sierra) - CZO will end Nov 2020, succeeded by the “CZ Collaborative Network”. Let’s explore how the CZ community can build upon the CZOs via new NSF proposals.


NSF awarded two CZ Research Coordination Networks

03 Jun 2019 (National) - The National Science Foundation (NSF) Division of Earth Sciences (EAR) within the Directorate for Geosciences (GEO) has awarded two Research...


EOS: Answer to California Landscape Riddle Lies Underground

31 May 2019 (Eel) - Scientists link vegetation mosaics in California to patterns of weathered bedrock.


Critical-Zone Collaborative Network NSF Program Solicitation

31 May 2019 (National, Boulder, Calhoun, Catalina-Jemez, Eel, IML, Luquillo, Reynolds, Shale Hills, Sierra) - NSF seeks proposals to establish an adaptive and responsive research network that supports investigations of the Earth’s Critical Zone.


Feature-Length Documentary: The Education of Bruno Latour: From the CZ to the Anthropocene

07 May 2019 (Calhoun) - April 15, 2019 Franklin Humanities Institute “The Education of Bruno Latour: From the Critical Zone to the Anthropocene”...


Reynold Creek CZO researchers improve method to measure soil carbon

28 Apr 2019 (Reynolds) - There is two to three times as much carbon in the Earth’s soil than in its atmosphere, which has important implications with regard to the...


Assistant Teaching Professor of Soil Science - The Pennsylvania State University

17 Apr 2019 (National, Shale Hills) - The Department of Ecosystem Science and Management at The Pennsylvania State University invites applications for an Assistant Teaching Professor of...

Penn State students, citizen scientists take snapshot of Shaver’s Creek

11 Nov 2019 (Shale Hills) - Penn State researchers and citizen scientists took a Snapshot of the Shaver's Creek watershed in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.

CZ Special Issue of MDPI journal Atmosphere

01 Nov 2019 (National) - Manuscripts due 31 Oct 2020 for special issue: "Impact of Climate and Land-Use Change on the Earth’s Critical Zone"

Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory Hosts SciWri19 Field Tour

29 Oct 2019 (Shale Hills) - Members of the Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory gave a tour of the CZO to nearly 30 science writers during the SciWri19 conference he


Richardson Named SWE Outstanding Collegiate Member

06 Sep 2019 (IML) - IMLCZO's Meredith Richardson has been named one of the Society for Women Engineers' Outstanding Collegiate Members.

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2019 ASA-CSSA-SSSA International Annual Meeting

San Antonio, Texas.



2019 AGU Fall Meeting

2019 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting

San Francisco, California.

(National, Boulder, Calhoun, Catalina-Jemez, Christina, Eel, IML, Luquillo, Reynolds, Shale Hills, Sierra)

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Gradient‐based inverse estimation for a rainfall‐runoff model. Krapu, Christopher, Mark Borsuk, Mukesh Kumar (2019): Water Resources Research 55: 6625-6639 (Calhoun)

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