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NSF Job Announcement - Head of the Surface Earth Processes Section Division of Earth Sciences

24 May 2016 (National) - NSF Job Announcement: Head of the Surface Earth Processes Section Division of Earth Sciences Job closes 6/6/2016 The Head of the Surface Earth...


Extreme Rainfall Doesn’t Always Mean Extreme Erosion, Penn Study Finds

10 May 2016 (Luquillo) - A new study suggests suggest that the self-organization of bedrock river channels blunts the impact of extreme rainfall events.


Living with less snow in the West: What Global Warming means for our water supplies

15 Apr 2016 (Sierra) - The story in The Desert Sun, shows insight into the research at SSCZO and efforts being made to understand the shift in the Sierra snowpack.


CZNews: Spring 2016

13 Apr 2016 (National) - The CZO National Office Newsletter CZNews: Spring 2016


NY Times: Sierra Nevada Snow Won’t End California’s Thirst

11 Apr 2016 (Sierra) - New York Times reporter, Henry Fountain spoke with Southern Sierra CZO PIs Roger Bales and Martha Conklin and investigtor Mohammad Safeeq as they...


“Natural Inquirer” education journal features study by Southern Sierra researchers

01 Apr 2016 (Sierra) - A study by Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory researchers was featured in a recent issue of Natural Inquirer, a middle school...


Critical Zone Profiles - Meet the people doing CZO science

27 Mar 2016 (National) - Get a sense of the people and the work. See links to 30+ individual profiles across the network.


On World Water Day, scientists peer into rivers to answer water availability questions

21 Mar 2016 (National, Eel) - The following is part nine in a series on the National Science Foundation's Critical Zone Observatories (CZO) Network.


Video: Critical Zone Observatories help U.S. plan for the future

21 Mar 2016 (IML) - The short video features the Intensely Managed Landscapes Critical Zone Observatory (IML-CZO) with commentary from IML Co-Director Praveen Kumar.

Mary Power talks the Thirsty Eel River as keynote speaker at the Society for Freshwater Science

27 May 2016 (Eel) - Power spoke on 'Drought, floods, and alternate states of algal-based river food webs in the Thirsty Eel' at the 2016 SFS Annual Meeting.

Fourteen participants engage in the PIHM developers workshop

26 May 2016 (Shale Hills) - The Penn State Integrated Hydrologic Model (PIHM) developer workshop aimed to help developers understand the PIHM code and learn how to contribute...


CZO session at SSSA Annual Meeting

23 May 2016 (National, Luquillo) - Soil Organic Matter Cycling as a Key Critical Zone Process

Poster presentation at Shale Network Workshop wraps up 2015-2016 TeenShale

19 May 2016 (Shale Hills) - The fourth year of the TeenShale Network water quality monitoring project closes this evening with a poster presentation of their research at the...

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Riverdance Farms

Riverdance Farms: Pick and Gather Festival

12230 Livingston Cressey Road, Livingston, CA 95334.


Luquillo CZO Annual Meeting

Luquillo CZO Annual Meeting

Luquillo, Puerto Rico.


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