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“Voices of Fire” will air on MontanaPBS August 10 at 7pm

19 Jul 2017 (National, Reynolds) - Hugo Sindelar's documentary film about the Soda Fire, which burned the northern portion of Reynolds Creek CZO. 280,000 acres burned in just 7 days


NSF Discovery: Can an ancient ocean shoreline set the stage for a tropical forest of today?

13 Jul 2017 (National, Luquillo) - Researchers at NSF Critical Zone Observatory and Long-Term Ecological Research sites are finding out.


Field technician position at UC Berkeley, Eel River CZO

11 Jul 2017 (National, Eel) - The Eel River CZO at UC Berkeley is seeking a motivated, independent field technician to assist with data collection and data entry.


AGU Fall Meeting 2017 - Submit an abstract by 02 Aug for CZ science sessions

30 Jun 2017 (National, Boulder, Calhoun, Catalina-Jemez, Christina, Eel, IML, Luquillo, Reynolds, Shale Hills, Sierra) - This year's Fall Meeting will have more than 12 sessions related to Critical Zone science.


Discussion open on Brantley et al. paper till July 31, 2017.

27 Jun 2017 (National, Boulder, Calhoun, Catalina-Jemez, Christina, Eel, IML, Luquillo, Reynolds, Shale Hills, Sierra) - Discussion is open on "Designing a network of critical zone observatories to explore the living skin of the terrestrial Earth" in ESurf.


Critical Zone Modeling Postdoctoral Opportunity at the Reynolds Creek CZO

25 Jun 2017 (National, Reynolds) - Postdoctoral Researcher in Modeling Relationships between Critical Zone Moisture Fluxes and Observed Soil Organic Carbon.


Undergraduate course curriculum, “Introduction to Critical Zone Science,” available free online

23 Jun 2017 (National, Boulder, Calhoun, Catalina-Jemez, Christina, Eel, IML, Luquillo, Reynolds, Shale Hills, Sierra) - A 15-week semester-long upper-level undergraduate course curriculum entitled “Introduction to Critical Zone Science” is now available free online.


CZ Volume of Advances in Agronomy: Quantifying and Managing Soil Functions in Earth’s Critical Zone

23 Jun 2017 (National) - Advances in Agronomy is a first-rate resource describing the latest research in agronomy. This prestigious serial contains major review articles...


UCTV: Southern Sierra CZO researchers featured on Sustainable California channel

21 Jun 2017 (National, Sierra) - University of California Television (UCTV) features Bales, Conklin, Glaser, Safeeq, and others on the new Sustainable California channel


NSF Discovery: Corn better used as food than biofuel, study finds

21 Jun 2017 (National, IML) - Scientists obtain comprehensive view of agricultural ecosystems


CZNews: Spring 2017

01 May 2017 (National) - CZO Newsletter CZNews: Spring 2017


The frontier beneath our feet — an AGU commentary on the critical zone

21 Apr 2017 (National, Boulder, Calhoun, Catalina-Jemez, Christina, Eel, Luquillo, Reynolds, Shale Hills, Sierra) - AGU has published a collection of commentaries highlighting the important role Earth and space science research plays in society.


What’s Good for Crops not Always Good for the Environment

17 Apr 2017 (IML) - What's good for crops is not always good for the environment. Nitrogen, a key plant nutrient, can cause problems when it leaches into water supplies.


2017 CZO Webinar Series: Critical Zone and Society

06 Apr 2017 (National, Boulder, Calhoun, Catalina-Jemez, Christina, Eel, IML, Luquillo, Reynolds, Shale Hills, Sierra) - 2017 CZO Webinar Series: Critical Zone and Society.

Carol Baird Graduate Student Award for Field Research

21 Jul 2017 (Eel) - New award announced for graduate students planning to conduct field research in the Berkeley reserves & field stations in 2018.

New SSCZO comic artfully communicates research

19 Jul 2017 (Sierra) - Wonder what soils and sponges have in common? Or why some trees in the Sierra Nevada are dying while others are surviving? Find out in our new comic.


Assistant Professor Pedology-Land Use Position at North Carolina State University

17 Jul 2017 (National) - Assistant Professor / Pedology-Land Use Position is open at Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, NC State University, Raleigh, NC.


Bales named 2017 John F. Nye Lecturer

05 Jul 2017 (Sierra) - Southern Sierra CZO Principal Investigator, Roger Bales, was named the 2017 John F. Nye Lecturer from the AGU Cryosphere Focus Group.

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AGU Fall Meeting 2017

American Geophysical Union

New Orleans, Louisiana .

(National, Boulder, Calhoun, Catalina-Jemez, Christina, Eel, IML, Luquillo, Reynolds, Shale Hills, Sierra)

2017 SSCZO Annual Meeting

2017 Annual Meeting of the Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory

Shaver Lake, CA.


Goldschmidt 2017

Goldschmidt 2017 will be held in Paris, France on August 13-18, 2017.

Le Palais des Congrès de Paris, Paris, France.


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