Introducing a CZO Newsletter: CZNews

30 Mar 2015 (National) - The CZO National Office introduces a quarterly newsletter: CZNews!


Critical Zone Profiles - Meet the people doing CZO science

19 Mar 2015 (National) - Get a sense of the people and the work. Profiles include some senior scientists, university faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students.


Richter & Billings publish on Tansley’s ecosystem as Earth’s critical zone

19 Mar 2015 (National, Calhoun) - Richter and Billings state the congruence of Tansley’s ecosystem concept with Earth’s critical zone.


2015 Request for Seed Grant Proposals in Support of Critical Zone Science in the SSHCZO

12 Feb 2015 (National, Shale Hills) - The Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory (SSHO) is pleased to be able to offer 1 year grants to facilitate scientific investigations...


Announcement of opportunity: CZO SAVI Summer Interns Program 2015

27 Jan 2015 (National) - The SAVI program anticipates funding 4-8 applicants with amounts ranging from ~$2500-$7500 each to support travel and research-related expenses.......

Two LCZO PhD students report back from the University of Western Australia Summer School.

30 Mar 2015 (Luquillo) - Two PhD students studying at the Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory Participated in this year’s University of Western Australia (UWA) Summer School.

Critical Zone Profile - DANIELLA REMPE (hydrologist, geomorphologist, PhD student)

24 Mar 2015 (National, Eel) - PhD Student, Earth and Planetary Science, University of California Berkeley

Critical Zone Profile - CHRISTOPHER SHEPARD (soil researcher, PhD student)

17 Mar 2015 (National, Catalina-Jemez) - PhD Student; Soil, Water, and Environmental Science; University of Arizona.

Critical Zone Profile - JENNIFER MCINTOSH (Hydrobiogeochemist, Associate Professor)

17 Mar 2015 (National, Catalina-Jemez) - Associate Professor, Hydrology and Water Resources, University of Arizona.

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Clays in the Critical Zone

Clays in the Critical Zone: soils, weathering and elemental cycling

Edinburgh, Scotland.


CZOData cyber-seminar: New Products Demonstrations

CZOData New Product Demos - CZOData Project Team

Online webinar.


EarthWeek 2015

EarthWeek 2015

Student Union Memorial Center.


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Quantifying the effects of vegetation structure on snow accumulation and ablation in mixed-conifer forests. Broxton P. D., Harpold A. A., Biederman J. A., Troch P. A., Molotch N. P., and Brooks P. D. (2015): Ecohydrology (online) (Boulder, Catalina-Jemez) Cross-CZO


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The paradox of nitrogen sources supporting global cereal production: A 50-Year Global Nitrogen Budget. Ladha JK, Tirol-Padre A, Reddy CK, Cassman KG, Verma S, Powlson DS, van Kessel C, & Richter D deB (2015): Nature Geosciences, in review (Calhoun)

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