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CZEN Partnership

CZEN, the Critical Zone Exploration Network is an international community of people and field sites investigating processes in the Critical Zone: CZEN Info | Job Announcements | Workspaces | Field Sites



Recent study underscores the environmental cost of illegal marijuana cultivation

29 Jul 2015 (Eel) - Eel River CZO ecohydrologist Sally Thompson and ecologists Stephanie Carlson and Mary Power worked with The Nature Conservancy to explore the...


CZO Ecology Session at ESA 2015 Meeting

16 Jul 2015 (National, Calhoun, Catalina-Jemez, Luquillo, Reynolds) - A session entitled 'Ecology in the Critical Zone" will take place at the Ecological Society of America (ESA) 2015 Meeting held  from August...


Jon Chorover to speak at international workshop on hydro-biogeochemical processes

16 Jul 2015 (National, Catalina-Jemez) - Jon Chorover of the Santa Catalina Mountains & Jemez River Basin CZO has been invited to talk at the Hydro-Biogeochemical Processes: Mechanisms,...


CZNews: Summer 2015 is here!

01 Jul 2015 (National) - Check out the summer edition of the CZO National Office's quarterly newsletter CZNews!


An International Initiative for Science in the Critical Zone

23 Jun 2015 (National) - The results of a pre-AGU 2014 international Critical Zone workshop in San Francisco were recently published in Eos Buzz.


Video: CZ graduate students reflect on experience at University of Western Australia Summer School

13 May 2015 (National, Boulder, Catalina-Jemez, Luquillo, Reynolds) - Students from around the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) gathered in Perth for two weeks in Feb. 2015 for the Inaugural WUN Summer School.


Geology paper about Boulder flood on release picked up by the press.

01 Apr 2015 (National, Boulder) - The Boulder Creek CZO and coauthors are highlighted in recent articles for their analysis of flooding and debris flows from the historic 2013...


Introducing a CZO Newsletter: CZNews

30 Mar 2015 (National) - The CZO National Office introduces a quarterly newsletter: CZNews!


Critical Zone Profiles - Meet the people doing CZO science

19 Mar 2015 (National) - Get a sense of the people and the work. Profiles include some senior scientists, university faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students.

Kumar Elected AGU Fellow

31 Jul 2015 (IML) - Praveen Kumar will be recognized as a member of the new American Geophysical Union Class of Fellows at the AGU's Fall Meeting, San Francisco, Calif.

U.S.-China Conference/Short Course to Focus on Critical Zone Science, Soil Carbon

30 Jul 2015 (IML) - Purdue University will host a conference bringing together scientists from the U.S. and China to address global challenges involving the Earth's...


Research Experience for Community College Students (RECCS) Interns give presentations July 29 and 30

30 Jul 2015 (Boulder) - Research Experience for Community College Students in Critical Zone Science interns gave talks and posters on their work on July 29 and 30,...

Humboldt County Supervisors pass Resolution supporting ERRP and Eel River CZO

28 Jul 2015 (Eel) - The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors have passed a resolution comending the Eel River Recovery Project (ERRP) and the Eel River Critical Zone...

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ESA relationships between microbial ecology and SOM

Exploring relationships between microbial ecology and soil organic matter stability in deep tropical soil profiles

328, Baltimore Convention Center.


iron reduction in soils from diverse ecosystems

Controls on potential iron reduction in soils from diverse ecosystems.

ESA Annual Meeting; Baltimore Convention Center.


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