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PhD opportunity at Institute of Environmental Geosciences, France

14 May 2019 (National) - Ph.D. opportunity in a coupled study of the water, carbon and nitrogen cycle in a small hydro- snow covered mountain watershed.


Feature-Length Documentary: The Education of Bruno Latour: From the CZ to the Anthropocene

07 May 2019 (Calhoun) - April 15, 2019 Franklin Humanities Institute “The Education of Bruno Latour: From the Critical Zone to the Anthropocene”...


Reynold Creek CZO researchers improve method to measure soil carbon

28 Apr 2019 (Reynolds) - There is two to three times as much carbon in the Earth’s soil than in its atmosphere, which has important implications with regard to the...


Assistant Teaching Professor of Soil Science - The Pennsylvania State University

17 Apr 2019 (National, Shale Hills) - The Department of Ecosystem Science and Management at The Pennsylvania State University invites applications for an Assistant Teaching Professor of...


Special Issue of Water on the Hydrological and Biogeochemical Functioning of the CZ

25 Mar 2019 (National) - Special Issue "Catchments as Observatories of the Hydrological and Biogeochemical Functioning of the Critical Zone"


Insight into Katherine Wolkoff’s art exhibition “The Critical Zone”

25 Mar 2019 (National) - Brooklyn-based artist and photographer Katherine Wolkoff presents an art exhibition, "The Critical Zone."


Highlights of CZO Education and Outreach

19 Mar 2019 (National) - Example activities assembled for AGU Fall Meeting 2018, Washington, D.C. Includes a two-page PDF handout.


Highlights of CZO data resources and activities

22 Feb 2019 (National) - Examples of CZO data resources and activities. Includes information on the future migration of our data catalog to HydroShare


NSF solicitation: Dynamics of Integrated Socio-Environmental Systems (CNH2)

20 Nov 2018 (National, Boulder, Calhoun, Catalina-Jemez, Eel, IML, Luquillo, Reynolds, Shale Hills, Sierra) - NSF Crosscutting CNH2: Dynamics of Integrated Socio-Environmental Systems (CNH2) Solicitation 19-528 DUE DATES Letter of Intent Deadline...


CZOs at AGU 2018

19 Nov 2018 (National, Boulder, Calhoun, Catalina-Jemez, Eel, IML, Luquillo, Reynolds, Shale Hills, Sierra) - The 2018 AGU Fall Meeting will be held December 10-14 in Washington, D.C.

2019 SSHCZO All-Hands Meeting at Penn State

10 May 2019 (Shale Hills) - The 2019 All-Hands Meeting brought together our core team, our off-campus collaborators, and our outreach partners at Shaver's Creek in a new...

TeenShale evaluates Wallace Run near abandoned well using macroinvertebrate surveys

07 May 2019 (Shale Hills) - On a warm and sunny day in May, the 2018-2019 cohort took to the field!  Along with Centre County Pennsylvania Senior Environmental Corp member...


New paper on spatially explicit modeling of prehistoric land use footprints

07 May 2019 (Calhoun) - Mike Coughlan and Don Nelson have a new paper in the Journal of Archaeological Science. Highlights include: Spatially explicit models of...


ISU, USGS dryland soil carbon study at Idaho National Laboratory yields surprising results

28 Apr 2019 (Reynolds) - The results of a 20-year “drylands” experiment at the Idaho National Laboratory by Idaho State University researchers and partners has...

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Ben Dillner, MS Candidate Ecology, thesis defense

If A Tree Falls: Plant Regeneration and Soil Trends in a Pennsylvania Tree Tip-Up Chronosequence

217 Forest Resources Building.

(Shale Hills)

Goldschmidt 2019

Barcelona, Spain .


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