Note to CZ colleagues

The CZO program will end November 2020, succeeded by a new NSF-supported "Critical Zone Collaborative Network”. Learn more via NSF's call for proposals (December 02, 2019 deadline).

CZO works closely with CZEN

CZEN, the Critical Zone Exploration Network is an international community of people and field sites investigating processes in the Critical Zone: CZEN Info | Jobs & Opportunities | Community Groups | Field Sites (Site Seeker)



AGU 2020: Sessions related to CZ Science

06 Oct 2020 (National, Boulder, Calhoun, Catalina-Jemez, Eel, IML, Luquillo, Reynolds, Shale Hills, Sierra) - A list of sessions related to CZ Science at the upcoming virtual AGU 2020 Fall Meeting.


October 2020 Issue of Eos features Critical Zone Science

28 Sep 2020 (National, Boulder, Calhoun, Catalina-Jemez, Eel, IML, Luquillo, Reynolds, Shale Hills, Sierra) - In the October 2020 Issue, Eos focuses on the Critical Zone at a pivotal point as the discipline comes of age.


NSF to hold webinar on “DISES: Dynamics of Integrated Socio-Environmental Systems” program

05 Aug 2020 (National) - Informational webinars will be held on August 26th and September 3rd on the NSF program “DISES: Dynamics of Integrated Socio-Environmental Systems”.


K-12 Activity: Humans and Soil Change

19 Jul 2020 (National, Calhoun) - The activity familiarizes students with some of the environmental and human factors that contribute to accelerated rates of soil erosion.


2020 CZO Webinar Series on Sustainability

17 Jun 2020 (National, Boulder, Calhoun, Catalina-Jemez, Eel, IML, Luquillo, Reynolds, Shale Hills, Sierra) - The U.S. CZO Program presents the 2020 CZO Webinar Series to highlight research findings of CZOs and discuss the impact and relevancy of their...


Belmont Forum Announces Collaborative Research Call on Soils

20 Apr 2020 (National, Boulder, Calhoun, Catalina-Jemez, Eel, IML, Luquillo, Reynolds, Shale Hills, Sierra) - The Belmont Forum is pleased to announce the launch of a collaborative research call on the theme: Towards Sustainability of Soils and Groundwater...


Carbonate Critical Zone Research Coordination Network to hold field workshop to Shale Hills CZO

04 Mar 2020 (National, Shale Hills) - Applications are being accepted for the workshop to be held August 2-5, 2020 at Temple University in Philadelphia.


CZOs at AGU 2019

19 Nov 2019 (National, Boulder, Calhoun, Catalina-Jemez, Eel, IML, Luquillo, Reynolds, Shale Hills, Sierra) - A list of CZ-related sessions, abstracts and events at the 2019 AGU Fall Meeting.

Giesen talks about “The Jim Crow South & The Lost Cause”

01 Sep 2020 (Calhoun) - History Professor Jim Giesen, a Calhoun CZO collaborator, is teaching a class in Modern U.S. History to more than 800 students at Mississippi State...

Job Opening: Associate or Full Professor at the University of Virginia

19 Aug 2020 (National, Eel) - Charlottesville, VA The Department of Environmental Sciences (EVSC) and the School of Data Science (SDS) at the University of Virginia invite...

Dust in the Wind: Human Impacts to the Colorado Front Range

04 Aug 2020 (Boulder) - Ruth Heindel (former BcCZO post-doc)’s paper was featured by JGR=Earth Surface.

Paul Schroeder featured on NPR’s Pulse of the Planet

05 Jun 2020 (Calhoun) - Four 2 minute pieces featuring Paul Schroeder talking about clay were aired on NPR's Pulse of the Planet in February 2020. Please see the links...

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GSA 2020

Geological Society of America Connect Online 2020




AGU 2020

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2020


(National, Boulder, Calhoun, Catalina-Jemez, Eel, IML, Luquillo, Reynolds, Shale Hills, Sierra)

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