At the IML-CZO, we strive to create a diverse and technologically advanced community where all can collaborate to achieve excellence.

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EOS: Conservation Farming Shown to Protect Carbon in Soil

04 Feb 2016 - A closer look at cultivated land informs actions to protect the vitality of our soil.


U.S.-China EcoPartnership for Environmental Sustainability Conference Summary

01 Feb 2016 - Summary of a conference and workshop dedicated to Critical Zone Science, Sustainability, and Services in a Changing World hosted by Purdue University.


The Coming Blue Revolution

23 Dec 2015 - Review of P. Kumar's journal publication, "Hydrocomplexity: Addressing water security and emergent environmental risks" in Water Resources Research.


EOS: Taking the Pulse of the Earth’s Surface Systems

04 Dec 2015 - Taking the Pulse of the Earth's Surface Systems In September of 2014, Laurel Larsen (UC Berkley), Elizabeth Hajek (Penn State), and others...


Critical Zone Profiles - Meet the people doing CZO science (IML CZO)

28 Nov 2015 - Get a sense of the people and the work. Several members of the Intensively Managed Landscapes (IML) CZO are profiled here.


FIML Art-Science Rendition of IMLCZO

04 Nov 2015 - This video portrays an artistic rendition of Critical Zone Observatory for Intensively Managed Landscapes (http://imlczo.org).

BTN LiveBIG: Iowa students research water and wildlife in the ‘Big Muddy’

05 Feb 2016 - By Tony Moton | Jul 30, 2015 In the writings of Mark Twain, one of the activities Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn enjoyed most was doing a...

Iowa City Press-Citizen: Conference focuses on watershed, farmland management

05 Feb 2016 - Nick Fetty, For the Press-Citizen 7:27 p.m. CDT July 30, 2015 MUSCATINE – In both sports and academics, universities often compete with...

On the Radio: Big Ten schools team up in Iowa for the environment

05 Feb 2016 - August 17, 2015 | Nick Fetty This week’s On the Radio segment looks at a partnership between Big Ten schools to improve farmland and...

Midwest researchers come together for research project

05 Feb 2016 - Nick Fetty | July 30, 2015 Roughly 30 students, professors, and researchers from six different institutions met in Muscatine this week to discuss...

University of Iowa students get hands-on water quality experience

05 Feb 2016 - KC McGinnis | July 21, 2015 University of Iowa environmental science students are gaining tangible experience measuring water quality outside of...

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NSF Review of CZO Network

Review of CZO network by NSF will occur in Fall 2016

National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA.

No other upcoming events have been posted

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