Integrated Data for Integrative Science

The Theory-Model-Data fusion approach to Critical Zone science requires the development, sharing, publication and integration of diverse datasets from multiple disciplines at each research site.


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Integrated Data System

The CZOs are working together to develop cross-CZO capabilities for sharing, integrating, analyzing, and preserving CZO data.

Data integration is a key requirement for Critical Zone scientists to inform our theoretical frameworks, constrain our conceptual and coupled systems models, and test our model-generated hypotheses -- both within a CZO and across the CZO network.  Data are a key element of CZO's Strategy for Advancing Critical Zone Science (2016).  

Dataset Listings

Primary data access

CZO Dataset Listings
National | Boulder | Calhoun | Catalina-Jemez | Christina | Eel | IML | Luquillo | Reynolds | Shale Hills | Sierra
Dataset listings are in a standard format and include data produced by CZO as well as related data produced by non-CZO organizations (ie USGS, NOAA).  Links to data files are provided.  Data files are *not* hosted here on Instead, they are hosted by national data repositories, individual CZO data catalogs, federal data centers, and other sources.  File types range widely, including CSV, Excel, and JPG.  Files are grouped into collections called "datasets", which are organized by discipline, topic, creators, field areas and/or variables.  

Other Data Access

Alternative access points

Data catalog websites
Boulder | Calhoun | Catalina-Jemez | Christina |  Eel | IML-map | IML | Luquillo | Reynolds | Shale Hills | Sierra
These websites provide an alternative access point for an individual CZO, with differing interfaces.  Much of these data are also available via the standardized Dataset Listings (primary access point).

Non-CZO repositories 
IEDA EarthChem | CUAHSI Hydroshare | KNB | LTER-NIS | OpenTopography
Individual CZOs have submitted some of their data to be archived (or soon will be archived) by data center organizations such as those listed above.

More than 760 CZO data resources are automatically ingested into the CINERGI inventory from the CZO Data Search Portal API (see below pilot projects). CINERGI contains more than 1 million metadata records across many disciplines of the geosciences.  The metadata are semantically enhanced.

Pilot projects
(may not be fully functional or complete)
CZO Data Search Portal - Power search and filtering. All portal metadata is available via web services API access.
CZO Data Visualization Portal - Map-based searching and data visualization. Includes some remote sensing and time-series data. 

Data Polices & Guidelines

Information about data use and data sharing

Data Use Policy 
All CZO Data Products except those labelled Private are released to the public and may be freely copied, distributed, edited, remixed, and built upon under the condition that you give acknowledgement as described on subsequent pages.  

Data Sharing Policy 
CZO investigators and data managers are expected to make their data publically available as soon as possible.  

Data Sharing Guidelines 
CZO investigators and data managers should follow these guidelines.   For example, metadata should be submitted to, which enables data searching across observatories


Overview of the integrated CZO Data System

A national CZO Data integration effort is leveraging international data standards, cyber-infrastructure developments and new technologies to assist CZO investigators and data managers with sharing data in a manner that enables high-level integration and supports the Theory-Model-Data fusion approach to Critical Zone science. Learn more about the CZO Data System.

A few examples of the many kinds of field instruments and sample collection resources employed by CZO.

Data Events

Discipline Tag: Data Management / Cyberinfrastructure

2016 CUAHSI Biennial Symposium

National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, WV.

1:1 Data Consultation: Calhoun CZO and CZOData team

Calhoun CZO and the CZOData team will discuss sharing data.

Online: 3-5 EDT / 2-4 CDT / 1-3 MDT / 12-2 PDT.

1:1 Data Consultation: Reynolds CZO and CZOData team

Reynolds CZO and the CZOData team will discuss sharing data.

Online: 11-1 EDT / 10-12 CDT / 9-11 MDT / 8-10 PDT.

1:1 Data Consultation: Shale Hills CZO and CZOData team

Shale Hills CZO and the CZOData team will discuss sharing data.

2:30-4:30 EDT /1:30-3:30 CDT /12:30-2:30 MDT /11:30-1:30 PDT.

1:1 Data Consultation: Southern Sierra CZO and CZOData team

Southern Sierra CZO and the CZOData team will discuss sharing data.

Online: 11-1 EDT / 10-12 CDT / 9-11 MDT / 8-10 PDT.

1:1 Data Consultation: Boulder CZO and CZOData team

Boulder CZO and the CZOData team will discuss sharing data.

Online: 1-3 EDT / 12-2 CDT / 11-1 MDT / 10-12 PDT.

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