2014 All Hands Meeting

24 Apr 2014 - Information for the proposed 2014 All Hands Meeting for the CZO Network, including dates, time, registration information, and abstract submission.


2014 CZOData Cyber-Seminar Series

06 Mar 2014 - Presentations describing the Integrated CZO Data system and how to use it; for interested CZO investigators, students & staff.

Will Climate Change Hurt Tropical Rainforests? Scientists Study the Effects of Warming on PR

30 Jun 2014 - Did you know that there is a tropical rainforest in the United States?  It’s in Puerto Rico—the El Yunque National Forest—and...

Scientists at Penn Characterize ‘Hot Spots and Hot Moments’ in America’s Tropics

08 May 2014 - he Luquillo Mountains of Puerto Rico are prone to extremes. Nearly all the rain for the year pours down in two drenching months. Lush, rolling...

IITF 75th Anniversary Symposium

29 Apr 2014 - This year is the 75th anniversary of the International Institute of Tropical Forestry. Created in 1939, in cooperation with the University of Puerto...

Call for Papers: Hydrochemistry and Biogeochemistry of Tropical Mountainous Rivers and Estuaries

16 Apr 2014 - Fluxes of organic and inorganic matter between land and the coastal ocean are important components of global biogeochemical cycles, including the...

New Safety Guidelines Issued for Working in the LCZO

10 Apr 2014 - New Safety Guidelines have been issued for working in the LCZO. Please consider them when planning your fieldwork. They can be found here: ...

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SSCZO Annual Team Meeting

Southern Sierra CZO Annual Team Meeting

UC Center, Fresno, CA.

Landscape-scale variation in nitrogen cycling in the LCZO

Landscape-scale variation in nitrogen cycling across the Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico

ESA 2014: 203, Sacramento Convention Center.

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Going deep to quantify limits on weathering in the Critical Zone. Riebe, C. S., Hahm, W. J., Brantley, S. L. (2014): Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, in review Cross-CZO National

Breaking the enzymatic latch: Impacts of reducing conditions on hydrolytic enzyme activity in tropical forest soils. Hall S.J., Treffkorn J., Silver W.L. (2014): Ecology

Physically based modeling of rainfall-triggered landslides: a case study in the Luquillo forest, Puerto Rico. C. Lepore, E. Arnone, L. V. Noto, G. Sivandran, R.L. Bras (2013): Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci.

Parameter Uncertainty in Shallow Rainfall-Triggered Landslide Modeling at Basin Scale: a Probabilistic Approach. Arnone, E., Y. G. Dialynas, L. V. Noto, and R. L. Bras. (2013): Procedia Earth and Planetary Science

Changes in phosphatase kinetics with soil depth across a variable tropical landscape. Stone, M.M., Plante, A.F. (2013): Soil Biology & Biochemistry

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