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A field comparison of multiple techniques to quantify groundwater–surface-water interactions. González-Pinzón, R., Ward, A., Hatch, C., Wlostowski, A., Singha, K., Gooseff, M., Haggerty, R., Harvey, J., Cirpka, O., and Brock, J. (2015): Freshwater Science Cross-CZO

Short-Term Precipitation and Temperature Trends along an Elevation Gradient in Northeastern Puerto Rico. Van Beusekom A.E.,González G., and Rivera M.M. (2015): Earth Interactions

Fe2+ catalyzed iron atom exchange and re-crystallization in a tropical soil. Tishchenko, V., Meile, C., Scherer, M. M., Pasakarnis, T. S., and Thompson, A. (2015): Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta

Parent material and vegetation influence bacterial community structure and nitrogen functional genes along deep tropical soil profiles at the Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory. Stone M.M., DeForestb J.L., Plante A.F. (2015): Soil Biology & Biochemistry

Linking geomorphology, weathering and cation availability in the Luquillo Mountains of Puerto Rico . Porder S., Johnson A.H., Xing H.X., Brocard G., Goldsmith S. Pett-Ridge J. (2015): Geoderma

Effects of sample storage on microbial Fe-reduction in tropical rainforest soils. Ginn, B. R., Habteselassie, M. Y., Meile, C., and Thompson, A. (2014): Soil Biology and Biochemistry

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