Other Data Access

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CZO Dataset Listings on the CriticalZone.org website are the starting point for data access. New datasets are being uploaded every week.

Alternatively, data can be accessed via individual CZO data catalogs, CZO pilot projects, and independent data repositories as discussed below.

Downloading data from instruments placed on Critical Zone Trees.  Credit: NSF Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory.

2017-03-21 This page will be updated in the next few days. 

CZO Dataset Listings

The CriticalZone.org website is the starting point for CZO Investigators & Data Managers to share data and for the public to access it.

National | Boulder Creek | Calhoun | Catalina-JemezChristina | Eel | IML | Luquillo | Reynolds | Shale Hills | Sierra 

Data files are organized into "Datasets", which are data collections that are naturally grouped by discipline, topic, creators, field areas and/or variables. Data files of any type, including links to relevant data resources from federal and other sources, are listed as Dataset Components. Extensive metadata capabilities allow CZO Investigators & Data Managers to richly describe each Dataset. 

All metadata for each Dataset is automatically converted into an ISO-19115 Geographic Metadata XML document and imported into the CZO Central Catalog "under the hood" at the CZO Data Search Portal.

The files for each Dataset Component are not hosted by CriticalZone.org but rather by national data respositories or by the CZOs themselves. 

CZO Data Search Portal

The Search.CriticalZone.org website is a user interface to the CZO Central Data Catalog built upon a Geoportal Server.

National | Boulder Creek | Calhoun | Catalina-Jemez | Christina | Eel | IML | Luquillo | Reynolds | Shale Hills | Sierra

Search.CriticalZone.org provides:

Dataset component files of a certain specification, called CZO Display File v1, are automatically harvested into the CUAHSI Hydrological Information System (HIS) Central Catalog. These data can thus be accessed and analyzed using any software client to CUAHSI HIS, such as HydroDesktop or the CZO Data Visualization Portal.

CZO Data Visualization Portal

The Viz.CriticalZone.org website is a web application that enables map-based discovery, access and visualization of point-observation data.

National | Boulder Creek | Calhoun | Catalina-Jemez | Christina | Eel | IML | Luquillo | Reynolds | Shale Hills | Sierra

Viz.CriticalZone.org visualizes time series and some other dataset types cataloged at the CZO Data Search Portal.

The CZO Data Visualization Portal is an adaptation of the "Vizer" framework originally developed by the Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems (NANOOS) for its NANOOS Visualization System (NVS).The CZO adaptation of Vizer first focused on developing it to be a web-based client of time series data cataloged by CUAHSI HIS, in much the same way that HydroDesktop is a Windows desktop client of the same CUAHSI HIS data catalog.