The CZHub aims to grow the CZ Community through Education and Outreach.

We aim to create a broader, more inclusive community dedicated to CZ research, promote dissemination of CZ information and resources to stakeholder communities inside and outside of academia, and to use CZ science as a platform to inspire STEM learning.

Our education and outreach webinars and workshops are open to any interested participant and many are offered via web video conferencing. Recorded versions of workshops will be made available online for any-time viewing thereafter.

Our education and outreach objectives include:

  • Encouraging information-transfer across the CZ collaborative network via workshops
  • Spreading awareness about the importance of CZ science to stakeholders
  • Promoting STEM learning by integrating CZ science into informal and K-12 education
  • Encouraging broad participation in the CZ network via networking and public communications

Please check back later for additional information regarding the Hub's education and outreach activities.


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Our workshops, presentations, and webinars are recorded and archived for later viewing. Browse our webinar archive on our YouTube channel to find previously recorded CZNet webinars that can be shared with others or incorporated into classroom materials.

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