The CZHub has provided a quickstart guide for the Data Submission Portal. Direct any further questions to

The Data Submission Portal (DSP) is intended to streamline the data submission and sharing process for critical zone scientists by assisting them in choosing an appropriate data repository, walking them through a standard metadata submission form, and directing submitted data to an appropriate repository.

The DSP was designed for scientists and others working in the Critical Zone who need to submit data to a reputable repository and who want their data to be affiliated with one or more CZNet projects or the larger Critical Zone scientific community. Data submitted through the DSP are deposited into one of our supported repositories (HydroShare, EarthChem, or Zenodo). Users who have shared data in other reputable repositories, but who want their data to be included in the CZ Hub data discovery system can register datasets with the DSP.

The DSP requires an ORCID for login. Users can register for and learn more about ORCIDs here. On the landing page of the DSP, users can select “Log In” and be prompted to login using their ORCID. This will create a separate window for login where users will enter their email address or ORCID and the password associated with their ORCID.

Users can click the “Resources” link at the top of the DSP to access the Resources page and then click the “Help Me Decide” button to access a page where they can answer a couple of brief questions about the type of data they want to submit and get recommendations for repositories they might want to consider. If you already know which repository you want to use, you can skip this step.

To submit data through the DSP, users can select “Submit data” from the top menu in the DSP. You can then select the repository you want to submit to (described below). The first time you submit to a repository, you will be asked to authorize the repository. Doing so requires that you have a user account set up with that repository (e.g., you must have a HydroShare account before you can submit to HydroShare through the DSP).

Once authorized, you will be directed to a metadata form to describe the data you are submitting. The forms are a little different for each repository, but required elements highlighted in red so you know which elements you must fill in. We recommend that you fill in as much of the metadata as you possibly can.

The DSP supports the following repositories for data submission. If you have data content to submit, you can submit it directly to these repositories through the DSP.

EarthChem: EarthChem is a repository that specializes in publishing data derived from physical samples.

HydroShare: HydroShare is a repository that specializes in storing data related to water science. HydroShare is file agnostic and can support any file type.

Zenodo: Zenodo is a general-purpose repository that can be used for sharing data or other content that might not fit well in other repositories.

Some CZ researchers are working with partners and multiple funding agencies that require submission of data to specific repositories. Additionally, researchers may choose repositories other than those supported by the DSP for direct data submission. Datasets shared in any repository can be registered with the DSP for inclusion in the CZNet data discovery catalog and search interface. To do so, click on “Submit Data” at the top of the DSP and then select “Register Dataset”. Fill out the metadata form to tell us about your CZ-related data.

If you click on the “My Submissions” link at the top of the DSP, you will be able to see all of the datasets you have submitted to the DSP. On this page, you can click links to edit those submissions, view them in the repository where they are shared, and/or remove them from the DSP. You can also export all of your submissions as a table for reporting purposes.