The DUST^ 2 project involves a variety of education and outreach activities intended to enhance and expand the impact of this research. These include:

researchers shoveling in the snow


“DustKids” is a field outreach program for middle school students where they will explore the dust cycle and engage with science role models from the DUST^2 project.

Undergraduate Research

Mechanisms at all participating institutions will encourage the robust involvement of undergraduates, including strategies for increasing involvement of students from populations historically underrepresented in the sciences

students performing water sampling at the river

Critical Zone Courses

Incorporation of Critical Zone science into courses taught by the PIs including:

Jeff Munroe taught an upper-level seminar on the “Past, Present and Future of the Mountain Critical Zone” during the spring semester at Middlebury.

Maura Hahnenberger presented lectures on the DUST^2 project in ATMO 1010 Severe & Hazardous Weather, ATMO 1020 Climate Change, and ATMO 2200 Mountain Weather & Climate at Salt Lake Community College

Kevin Perry taught an HONORS course “Air, Water, Energy, and Metals: Sustainable Use and Development” during the Spring of 2021 at the University of Utah. This course incorporated aspects of the ongoing DUST^2 research.

Greg Carling and Josh LeMonte are teaching a new course "Water Planet" during winter 2022 at Brigham Young University, incorporating many aspects of ongoing DUST^2 research.