Featured publications from the Big Data team.

Multivariate event time series analysis using hydrological and suspended sediment data

Javed, A., Hamshaw, S.D., Lee, B.S., and D.M. Rizzo. 2021. Journal of Hydrology. 593 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2020.125802
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Adler, T., K. L. Underwood, D. M. Rizzo, A. Harpold, G. Sterle, L. Li, H. Wen, L. Stinson, C. Bristol, B. Stewart, A. Lini, N. Perdrial and J. N. Perdrial. 2021. Frontiers in Water. 3(63)

Hydrologic responses to restored wildfire regimes revealed by soil moisture- vegetation relationships.

Boisrame, G., Thompson, S., and Scott Stephens. 2018. Advances in Water Resources. 112, 124 - 126.
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Managed Wildfire Effects on Forest Resilience and Water in the Sierra Nevada

Boisrame, G., Thompson, S., Collins, B., and Scott Stephens. 2016. Ecosystems. 10.1007/s10021-016-0048-1
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