Meghan Curry

Executive Director


University of Texas at El Paso (Insights El Paso)

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During the past 3.5 years with Insights, Meghan has worked to transform a formerly brick and mortar science museum into a 100% mobile museum with the primary goal of providing engaging learning experiences in everyday places. The Insights team of dedicated educators have built a wide range of hands-on STEAM educational programs ranging from adult education events in bars to Pop Up museum events at monster truck shows. Meghan joined the Insights team in September 2017 . After graduating with a Master’s degree in Entomology, Meghan built an edible insect advocacy business and co-founded a global virtual conference for the edible insect industry. Prior to joining Insights, Meghan has worked with multiple community organizations in El Paso to provide project based learning opportunities in science, reading, urban gardening, and rock climbing.