David Bjorneberg

Supervisory Research Agricultural Engineer


University of Texas at El Paso

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Dr. Bjorneberg received a B.S. in 1987 and M.S. in 1989 in Agricultural Engineering from South Dakota State University and a Ph.D. in 1995 in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering from Iowa State University. He began his ARS career in 1995 as a Research Agricultural Engineer with the Northwest Irrigation and Soils Research Laboratory in Kimberly, Idaho. His research focused on evaluating conservation practices for irrigated cropping systems, especially furrow irrigation, to reduce soil and nutrient losses. Dr. Bjorneberg became Research Leader in 2008. He leads a team of 12 scientists to develop practices and technologies that address production and environmental problems associated with irrigated crop and dairy production, and to enhance sugar beet quality and disease resistance. His current research focus is improving water and nutrient utilization in irrigated crop production systems.