Calhoun Observatory Publications

Modifications of 2:1 Clay Minerals in a Kaolinite Dominated Ultisol Under Changing Land-Use Regimes

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Faster Redox Fluctuations can Lead to Higher Iron Reduction Rates in Humid Forest Soils

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A Class of Exact Solutions of the Boussinesq Equation for Horizontal and Sloping Aquifers.

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State Dependent Jump Processes: Ito–Stratonovich Interpretations, Potential, and Transient Solutions

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The Role of Vegetation on Gully Erosion Stabilization at a Severly Degraded Landscape: A Case Study from Calhoun Experimental Critical Zone Observatory

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Loss of Deep Roots Limits Biogenic Agents of Soil Development that are Only Partially Restored by Decades of Forest Regeneration

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On the Theory of Drainage Area for Regular and Non-Regular Points

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Evaluating the Effect of Nutrient Redistribution by Animals on the Phosphorus Cycle of Lowland Amazonia

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The formation of Clay‐Enriched Horizons by Lessivage

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Ferrous Iron Oxidation Under Varying pO2 Levels: The Effect of Fe(III)/Al(III) Oxide Minerals and Organic Matter

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Influence of pO2 on Iron Redox Cycling and Anaerobic Organic Carbon Mineralization in a Humid Tropical Forest Soil

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