Input needed for funding in Earth and Environmental Science

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Posted: September 27, 2023

Input needed for funding in Earth and Environmental Science

We are seeking ideas for broadening participation in Earth and environmental system science. Our goal is to communicate these ideas through letters to funding agencies. Based on a recent White House memorandum, considerable investments in Earth and environmental science are on the horizon, and we have the opportunity to shape how those funds are allocated. Here, we ask for 10 minutes or less of your time to respond to a survey that can shed light on where our community could invest additional funding support.

Survey: Link to survey here.

Over the last decade great strides have been made to foster interdisciplinary research and to train a more diverse generation of scientists to address pressing environmental and societal challenges but more can be done. Our community has the opportunity to help guide the next chapters of environmental science, and to do it in an equitable way. The environmental science community continues to struggle to identify and address the needs of under-represented and under-served communities (e.g., Indigenous, Black/African-american, LGBQT, Latinx, Women or non-binary identifying) and to connect science and education in equitable ways. The goal of this survey is to gain insights on the research and education needs in the fields of integrative Earth Systems science and make recommendations to funding agencies for aligned funding priorities. We greatly appreciate your time and feedback.