Hydrology Highlights Big Data Collaborations on Day 1 of AGU22

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Posted: September 27, 2023

Hydrology Highlights Big Data Collaborations on Day 1 of AGU22

With strong representation in the Frontiers of Water Quality Science sessions, Big Data Cluster members are making a real splash at the 2022 American Geophysical Union Annual Fall Meeting.

Hydrologist Erin Seybold, based at the University of Kansas, has a busy schedule on day one as a primary conveners of all three sections of Frontiers in Water-Quality Science: Origins, Patterns, and Detection of Spatial and Temporal Variation.


90 minute morning session

In the first of these sessions, Seybold and collaborators bring together researchers from many fields of study across Critical Zone science including the Big Data Cluster's Bryn Stewart and Li Li. The invited paper Climate Controls on River Chemistry includes input from several other Cluster members as well as Penn State's Li and Stewart including Adrian Harpold from the University of Nevada Reno and Big Data's lead principal investigator Julia Perdrial, based at the University of Vermont.

session abstract
AI generated illustration of water and land mixing in almost a yin-yang shape
Generated by AI. Land and river blobs in a colorful image that is not realistic

60 Minute Online Poster Session

Following a short break for lunch, Seybold and their collaborators then move to hosting an hour-long online poster session. The 6 posters included in this section include several land-use discussions, highlighting the strong connection between Critical Zone science and real world policy.

session abstract

Afternoon poster session

Then, the marathon 210 minute poster session, closes out 7+ hours of science presentations from Seybold and their team. Along with the three sessions they're leading, many of these Critical Zone scientists are also part of other projects presenting their results on Monday. Seybold's work is also included in the invited paper Identification of Hot Moments of Nutrient Processing in Coastal Systems Using High Frequency Sensors in a Monday morning session, while Bryn Stewart and Li Li will be front and center at Distinct Regulation of Riverine Inorganic Carbon by Soil CO2 and Climate as part of the same panel session on Monday morning which starts their very busy day.

session abstract
AI generated illustration. Colorful waves that look a bit like water.
Four images in a grid, all generated by AI, that are wavy and watery looking

Day 1 of 5

Seybold, Li Li, Stewart, Harpold, Perdrial and all the members of the Big Data Cluster have many other sessions to participate in during the American Geophysical Union 2022 Annual Fall Meeting. These Monday sessions are only the beginning of a packed week of science, networking, and coordinating the next steps in the work of the National Science Foundation funded Critical Zone Collaborative Network.

big data's AGU22 schedule