Groundbreaking Water Research Sessions at AGU23 Focus on Sustainable Water Management and Environmental Protection

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Posted: June 18, 2024

Groundbreaking Water Research Sessions at AGU23 Focus on Sustainable Water Management and Environmental Protection

San Francisco, CA – A series of remarkable sessions, part of the H31U series, are being held at the Moscone Center, bringing together leading experts in the field of hydrology, environmental science, and sustainable water management.

These sessions, taking place in Poster Hall A-C on the Exhibition Level, South, are centered around cutting-edge research and innovative approaches to critical water-related issues affecting both local and global communities.

Key Sessions and Their Significance:

  1. H31U-1770: Small Ephemeral Wetlands - Frederick Y Cheng highlights the critical role of small, often overlooked wetlands in nutrient retention, shedding light on their importance in maintaining landscape-scale ecological balance.
  2. H31U-1771: Soluble Phosphorus in Great Lakes - Nitin Singh presents alarming findings on the rising soluble phosphorus levels in the Great Lakes Drainage Basin, emphasizing the need for transboundary water management strategies.
  3. H31U-1772: Karst Springs Study - Lindsey Aman Cromwell explores the unique solute variability in karst springs, contributing vital knowledge to the understanding of these complex groundwater systems.
  4. H31U-1773: Watershed Properties and Sediment Timing - Arlex Marin-Ramirez discusses how structural properties of watersheds influence sediment timing and hysteresis patterns, offering insights for regional water management.
  5. H31U-1774: Environmental Flow Conditions - Sarah Ariano introduces a novel approach to understanding concentration-discharge relationships, crucial for managing water resources more effectively.
  6. H31U-1775: Agricultural Drainage Monitoring - Christina Richardson’s work on dynamic patterns in agricultural drainage waters provides new perspectives on land use impacts.
  7. H31U-1776: Water Quality Decline Post-Drought - Hongzheng Zhu addresses the critical decline in water quality following extreme weather events, underlining the urgency of climate resilience in water management.
  8. H31U-1777: Water Quality in Agricultural Basins - Chris Wellen’s integrated catchment science approach sheds light on the impairment of water quality in agricultural headwaters.
  9. H31U-1778: Sustainable Water Resource Development in Egypt - Mohamed Hamdy Eid Hemida employs an innovative combination of geochemical modeling and machine learning to support sustainable water resource development in Egypt's Western Desert.
  10. Other notable sessions include Jessica Ayers’ work on dissolved oxygen in California, Elijah Hall’s study of Chlorophyll-a dynamics, Jongmin Park’s assessment of Chlorophyll estimates in Korea, and many more.

This series of sessions is not just an academic exercise but a call to action for policymakers, environmentalists, and communities to collaborate in addressing the pressing water-related challenges of our time. The research presented here is a testament to the innovative spirit and dedication of scientists committed to protecting our most precious resource - water.

Andrew Cassel

Poster Hall A-C - South, Exhibition Level, South, Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA