Dust^2 | The Collectors Tour


Posted: May 27, 2024

Dust^2 | The Collectors Tour

Dust Cluster collaborator Emmet Norris is collecting samples from and resetting over two dozen passive dust collectors.

This collector array provides data used in our work researching source-to-sink movement of dust through Earth's Critical Zone.

As Norris ventures from site to site he's sharing insights into this work with us via dispatches filed from the field and edited by our outreach team.

Once down from the collector site, and out of the snow storm, Norris filed another report. In this update from the Collectors Tour Norris describes one of those moments that could lead to research project: dust as snow nuclei.

Norris then moved to Dust 7, another collector site in the array. Work there included clearing fresh rain water from the collector troughs.

Number 12 in the array of passive dust collectors is up at 12,000 feet and hadn't had a visitor in about 12 months. Norris found the setup in good shape.

Tucked in the mountains near one of the highest elevation roads in Utah, Norris checks in from dust 13 on a beautiful morning.

Dust 9 is just outside Salt Lake City, Utah. As Norris describes in this stop along the Collectors Tour the Alta site is a great example of how interconnected all the complex systems of the Critical Zone are.

The Cluster's source-to-sink research includes passive dust collectors at both source and sink. In this stop along the Collectors Tour Norris makes a visit to the urban collector site in Salt Lake City.