Posted: January 19, 2022

CZNet at AGU!

CZNet presentations at AGU

Sessions and Talks (All times are in EST)

How simple should simple models be? Wednesday, December 15, 11:05-11:10am

Using Seismic Refraction to Characterize the Urban Critical Zone in Eastern U.S. Watersheds
Wednesday, December 15, 5:00-7:00pm

Panola Mountain revisited: intensive geophysical and geochemical studies reveal the structure of the deep critical zone at a classic hydrologic study site
Thursday, December 16, 9:25-9:30am

Increased DOC concentrations and earlier stream flow generation in response to warming in a high elevation mountain watershed in Colorado Thursday, December 16, 11:00-11:05am

Roots as Agents of Rapid Soil Structural Change in the Anthropocene Thursday, December 16, 1:50-1:55pm

Controls on critical zone thickness in the Appalachian Piedmont: lithology, vegetation, and state of stress
Thursday, December 16, 2:10-2:15pm

When and where do top-down processes govern critical zone structure and feedback to influence climate? Thursday, December 16, 2:15-2:20pm

Coastal Hydrology: Physical and Biogeochemical Processes
Thursday, December 16, 3:30-4:45pm

The shallow and deep hypothesis: linking flow paths, biogeochemical reactions, and stream chemistry in the Critical Zone Friday, December 17, 9:15-9:20am

When and Where Does Storage Matter for Vegetation? Untangling the Non-linear Relationship Between Climate, Storage, and Actual Evapotranspiration Friday, December 17, 9:25-9:30am

Designing Network Observatories to Foster Inclusivity, Promote Interdisciplinary Research, and Address Our Grand Challenges
Friday, December 17 1:50-1:55

Interpreting critical zone properties from near-surface geophysics and rock physics modeling: Progress, challenges, and prospects
Friday, December 17, 4:10-4:17pm

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