CINet Internship Update


Posted: December 5, 2023

CINet Internship Update

During the summer of 2021, the CINet program hosted three outstanding interns, including Adriana Brown, with funding provided by The National Great Rivers Research and Education Center (NGRRECSM).

Brown, a current undergraduate student at Purdue University, has continued her internship experience, mentored by Lisa Welp, Ph.D., throughout the school-year and is continuing into summer 2022.

“I was interested in NGRREC because I saw a chance for involvement in and study of the environment I currently live in.” said Brown. “I felt that NGRREC would be able to provide a supportive environment, insight into the scientific research process, and personally, a better understanding of midwestern environmental and ecological dynamics.”

Brown and Welp, Ph.D. are currently focusing on examining trends of both nitrogen-15 and oxygen-18 isotopes found within nitrate ions from tile drain samples taken at Allerton Farm, a core site for the CINet project.

Analysis of these two isotopic signatures can provide insight into the nitrogen cycle and sources related to agricultural processes. The unique signatures can also indicate the sources of nitrogen, such as from fertilizer or another reservoir.

Since her internship has started Brown has become more interested in pursuing geoscience as a future career path and more specifically, geochemical research. After she graduates next winter, Brown plans to pursue a Master’s degree in a geo-science related field.

“This internship was my first experience of the rigor, focus, and excitement that accompanies academic work” said Brown. “I now am stronger in my data processing skills, scientific communication, laboratory skills, and data analysis. These skills are important for continuing my undergraduate work and essential to future graduate level work and beyond.”

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