Featured publications from the Bedrock team.

Featured publications from the Bedrock team can be found here.

R.P. Callahan, C.S. Riebe, L.S. Sklar, S. Pasquet, K.L. Ferrier, W. Jesse Hahm, N.J. Taylor, D. Grana, B.A. Flinchum, J.L. Hayes & W.S. Holbrook. 2022. Nature Geoscience. 15, 714–719.

Riebe, C. S., Callahan, R. P., Granke, S. B.-M., Carr, B. J., Hayes, J. L., Schell, M. S., & Sklar, L. S.. 2021. Geology. 49, 551-555.

Quantifying depth-dependent seismic anisotropy in the critical zone enhanced by weathering of a Piedmont schist

B.J. Eppinger, J.L. Hayes, B.J. Carr, S. Moon, C. Cosans, W.S. Holbrook, C.J. Harman, Z.T. Plante. 2021. Journal of Geophysical Research - Earth Surface. In Press