2014 CZOData Cyber-Seminar Series

06 Mar 2014 - Presentations describing the Integrated CZO Data system and how to use it; for interested CZO investigators, students & staff.


Sustaining Earth’s Critical Zone - Report from 2011 International CZ Meeting

29 Jul 2013 - International CZ science community outlines interdisciplinary research needed to address land use changes, climate change, and biodiversity decline


Science on the Graveyard Shift: Discovering what gets buried and how

31 Oct 2012 - By dark of night in an old graveyard, things rustle. At least if that cemetery is at London Grove Friends Meeting in Kennett Square, Pa. Look...


Watershed symposium: UD research presented at White Clay Creek symposium

05 Oct 2012 - Faculty and students from the University of Delaware presented research on watershed issues at a recent symposium that brought together a variety of...


New wells to provide critical zone data

03 Aug 2012 - A major research effort was underway the last week of July 2012, led by the faculty and students of the Christina River Basin Critical Zone...

Reactive Transport Modeling Survey – Community Needs for Biogeochemical Studies

08 Apr 2014 - Reactive Transport Modeling Survey – Community Needs for Biogeochemical Studies The below survey is designed by Alexis Navarre-Sitchler, Kate...

“What’s so critical about the Critical Zone?” webinar

02 Apr 2014 - March 31, 2014. Dr. Enriqueta Barrera (NSF CZO program director) and Dr. Gordon Grant (USFS; CZO Steering Committee chairperson)

Career Opportunities: NSF Program Director, Hydrologic Sciences, Rotator; two (2)  Openings

12 Nov 2013 - The Division of Earth Sciences has two vacant rotator positions in the Hydrologic Sciences program of the Surface Earth Processes (SEP)...

Discoveries in the Critical Zone: Where Life meets Rock

11 Jul 2013 - The National Science Foundation's Cheryl Dybas recently finalized a new report entitled "Discoveries in the Critical Zone: Where Life meets...

InTeGrating CZO Science

06 Jun 2013 - During the week of May 19, five faculty members interested in Critical Zone science traveled to Northfield, MN to participate in an InTeGrate...

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What makes Darwinian hydrology "Darwinian"? Asking a different kind of question about landscapes. C. Harman C. and Troch P.A. (2014): Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 18: 417-433 Cross-CZO


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