Erin M. Stacy

STAFF, Field Manager

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Ecology, Sediment transport, soil biogeochemistry, organic matter composition and stabilization

Field Manager, Southern Sierra CZO
UC Merced - University of California, Merced

M.S., Environmental Systems, University of California, Merced, 2012

I am interested in how humans interact with and impact their environment, and how those interactions alter ecosystem health, stability and resilience. In 2012, I completed my Master's of Science at UC Merced, where I researched the magnitude and variability of sediment transport from small catchments in the Kings River Experimental Watershed, part of which constitutes the main site of the Southern Sierra CZO. As the Field Manager with the Southern Sierra CZO, I split my time between the field and office. In the field, I manage instruments, collect and monitor data streams, and assist researchers in all weather. I also facilitate field work, permitting, research applications and collaborations. I have the pleasure of working with all of our research groups on projects including geology, geophysics, soil science, ecohydrology, microbial ecology, and snow hydrology. Please contact me ( if you are interested in working with us!

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