Cyberseminar-Nutrient Deserts of the Sierra Nevada and Their Effects on Life, Soil & Topography

05 Apr 2013

CZO Cyberseminar was hosted by Dr. Cliff Riebe and students, University of Wyoming on April 18th

Starts: Apr 18, 2013 12:00 PM Mountain Daylight Time (UTC -6)
Ends: Apr 18, 2013 02:00 PM Mountain Daylight Time (UTC -6)

You can access the webinar using the following link:

click: HERE

Or copy-paste the following URL in its entirety into your browser:

Step 1.
Click the link above or copy-paste the URL into your favorite browser. The software works in a Java window, accessed from your default browser when you click the link. NOTE: If your default browser is Safari, copy paste the link into some other browser. Safari does not work, or at least not on a Mac with OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion). Other browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera) should be ok. We did not try IE-9 or 10, but the Blackboard website says they should work.

Step 2.
After clicking the link, you should be presented with some choices (which differ on Mac and PC). Click "OK" and "Accept" as needed to enable a session display on your monitor.

Step 3.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Some notes:
The audio is very good. So is the video. We recommend the use of headphones to limit echo. Visitors can chat, raise hands, and generally heckle the presenter to their heart's desire with emoticons and even a thumbs-down symbol. Visitors can ask questions out loud by pressing the ‘Talk’ button, but we ask that you depress the ‘Talk’ button when finished speaking, which turns off your microphone and will limit background noise. The session will be recorded and archived for those who cannot attend. However, our view is that the webinar will be merrier for all involved with real-time participation.

To playback recordings associated with the session (after April 18!), please click the appropriate link below:

Recording Link - The direct link to the last recording made in this session.

Recording Link Table - A formatted table with links to all recordings made in this session.

Recording Link List - A text list with links to all recordings made in this session.

Both Windows 8 and Mac OSX 10.8 have some known issues according to the blackboard website. Hopefully problems will be rare. While you won’t be able to join the session until 30 minutes before the scheduled start, you can check your operating system and browser compatibility at any time by joining the "v12 Configuration Room" accessible here (scroll down).

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