The conceptual model for Southern Sierra CZO involves understanding varaibles along three axes: i) elevation gradient, representing alo gradients in climate, regolith properties, soils, ecosystems, and associated processes, ii) spatial scales, and iii) temporal scales. We use a variety of numerical models, as reflected in pulications and the work plan.

Conceptual model

Conceptual model diagram
Southern Sierra elevation and climate gradient, with spatial scaling and temporal feedbacks


Conceptual model processes and implications
Drivers of critical zone development must be understood together to address science questions and understand implications


Regional Hydro-Ecologic Simulation System
A spatially distributed dynamic model of coupled eco-hydrologic processes.

Spatial scales

Conceptual model—spatial scales
Variables important for spatial scaling of vegetation differences, water cycles and material fluxes

Temporal feedbacks

Feedbacks across time
Variables important for temporal feedbacks of vegetation differences, water cycles and material fluxes