CZ colleagues: Please contact us about proposals for NSF’s CZ Collaborative Network, due 02 Dec 2019

08 Jul 2019

CZO will end Nov 2020, succeeded by the “CZ Collaborative Network”. Let’s explore how the CZ community can build upon the CZOs via new NSF proposals.

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Note to Critical Zone colleagues from CZO PIs

Funding for “Critical Zone Observatories” under Program Solicitation NSF 12-575 ends on 11/30/2020. 

As a next step in their support for critical-zone research, NSF is inviting proposals for “Thematic Clusters” and a “Coordinating Hub”,  under Program Solicitation NSF 19-586 (“Critical Zone Collaborative Network”).

Twelve years of investment in CZOs by NSF, plus several times more in leveraged investments, has resulted in significant data and infrastructure that the Critical Zone community has and can continue to take advantage of.  Thus CZOs represent potential infrastructure nodes and data for continuing research, and potentially important components of CZ Thematic Clusters. However, some support to maintain CZO instrumentation, sampling, and technical support will need to derive from Thematic Cluster or other proposals. 

The CZO teams are eager to explore ways for the CZ community to build on the current CZO sites and network, under Thematic Cluster or other proposals.  All proposals are due 02 December 2019. Please get in touch.  Let’s continue to work together!

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