Critical Zone Seminar Series


Idealized experiments for data assimilation of vapor isotope with istopic AGCM and ensemble Kalman filter

301 Steidle Building

The Critical Zone Seminar series hosts Kei Yoshimura, Associate Professor, University of Toyko, and previous visiting scientist at Univ of California, San Diego, who will speak on TBA fron 3:30-5:00pm in 301 Steidle Building.


This study presents idealized tests of a newly-developed data assimilation system for assimilating high-frequency vapor isotope observations from satellites, using an ensemble Kalman filter with the isotope-incorporated general circulation model. An LETKF -based four dimensional data assimilation system was newly developed for the first time  to obtain dynamically and physically consistent analysis of both water isotope and meteorological variables. Moreover, we also aim at assessing the isotope observation impact on the dynamical fields (wind, temperature, humidity, pressure). Several numerical experiments have been performed with various synthetic observations using a model simulation as the "nature run". The control experiment assimilates conventional rawinsonde-like observations, and the test experiments with additional isotope observations showed general improvement in both isotopic fields and dynamical fields. The positive impact on the dynamical fields was surprisingly larger when the number of conventional observations was decreased. These results are promising, so that the satellite isotopic data could be very useful to analyze the atmospheric states, particularly for the past  (before 19th century) when isotopic measurement data were a major source of observations.


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