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The RC CZO will develop effective and efficient data management to enable publication, sharing and integration of data collected at the RC CZO, and support data analysis and cross-CZO activities such as modeling. The intent is to provide quality data in an efficient manner in order to facilitate community engagement and dissemination, while also supporting scientific goals, and data archiving.

Feel free to visit our exisiting data discovery webpage while we continue to work with the rest of the CZO community to share information.

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Integrated Data System

We are working with other CZOs to develop cross-CZO capabilities for sharing, integrating, analyzing, and preserving CZO data.

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The Reynolds Creek (RC) CZO will leverage existing cyberinfrastructure (CI) in Idaho, national efforts to ensure facilitation of these objectives, and the rich existing data archive at RCEW with the USDA ARS and from previous research work by Boise State scientists. The RC CZO will generate a variety of observational data products representing the environmental attributes of the RC CZO and model outputs. 

These data products include: time-series and geographic/spatial data from field data collections, data analysis products and gridded model outputs. Examples of data include: point time-series observational data, vector-based geospatial data representing point/line/polygon geometries and associated attributes, remote sensing and aerial imagery, including LiDAR (airborne and TLS) data, and other tabular data products. These data will be combined with, and derived (through modeling) from existing data available from national and regional data repositories.  Currently, USDA ARS collected data at RCEW are ingested into a computer database, and available to the public via ftp access. Available spatial data for RCEW are limited to ESRI arc file coverages of 30 DEM, soils, vegetation, land ownership and geology. Our intent is to not duplicate these datasets but to mirror historical data that are necessary for the RC CZO community and provide these data, along with new datasets collected as part of the RC-CZO, on the National Central CZO Data Portal (, or other appropriate portal.

Data Events

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1:1 Data Consultation: Reynolds CZO and CZOData team

Reynolds CZO and the CZOData team will discuss sharing data.

Online: 11-1 EDT / 10-12 CDT / 9-11 MDT / 8-10 PDT.

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