White paper of 2017 CZ Science Meeting in Arlington, VA

17 Oct 2017
News Source: CZEN.org

Contribute to public discussion of a draft report: “New Opportunities for Critical Zone Science” based on the June 2017 Arlington CZO meeting.

Image: Modified from Chorover, J., R. Kretzschmar, F. Garcia-Pichel, and D. L. Sparks. 2007. Soil biogeochemical processes in the critical zone. Elements 3, 321-326. (artwork by R. Kindlimann) [Click image to enlarge]

New Opportunities for Critical Zone Science

Following the June 2017 Arlington Meeting for Critical Zone Science (hosted by CZO),  a white booklet was drafted to express the knowledge shared and ideas generated during the meeting.

Booklet sections:

  1. Critical zone knowledge learned over the last decade.
  2. Compelling critical zone questions for the decade to come.
  3. The next generation of critical zone observatories and approaches.
  4. Critical zone education and outreach initiatives.

The report is available at http://criticalzone.org/2017-white-booklet

The report no longer open for public discussion on CZEN.org, but comments can be seen at http://www.czen.org/2017-new-opps-booklet.

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