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10 Oct 2012
News Source: Water Resources of Puerto Rico website

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Visit the new Water Resources of Puerto Rico website! this includes data page, articles, technical reports, references to other pages on the Internet, and publications from various sources on the water resources of the Island and its adjacent islands of Vieques and Culebra . The purpose of this page is to provide a focus for students, teachers, scientists, engineers, planners, and the general public have access to information available on the quantity, quality and availability of water in Puerto Rico, as well as other information related to water resources. The page layout is oriented themes and sub-themes of water on the island and the cultural and geographical elements that define its hydrological regime. The ultimate goal is for  Water Resources Puerto Rico is an encyclopedia that is detailed and dynamic hydrology of the island, frequently updated as new data continue to emerge, studies and other relevant information. Suggestions for topics or articles or comments on issues Water Resources of Puerto Rico are welcome, directing them to Ferdinand Quiñones, PE, to

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