LCZO begins New STEM Education outreach project.

Data sets available at the Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory website provide opportunities for real-world learning opportunities for pre-college students. Using the Understanding by Design (UbD) approach to curriculum planning, two high school teachers have developed learning experiences about stream flow and water quality, to be used in basic level earth science, advanced chemistry, and AP statistics classrooms across the U.S. These activities support the achievement of both the Common Core Standards in mathematics, and the Next Generation Science Standards (currently under development).

The lessons are currently being field tested in Philadelphia-area high schools, and will be made available via this website. Further dissemination will take place through the Earth Science Teachers Association, both the national and Pennsylvania organizations.

Expertise on scientific and mathematical content has been provided by Dr. Fred Scatena of Penn's Department of Earth and Environmental Science. Guidance on curriculum development and implementation comes from the School of Arts and Sciences Science Outreach Initiative.



Local High schools involved in piloting the ciriculum.


Radnor High School Lower Merion High School


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SAS Science Outreach Initiative

Understanding by design

Cirriculum Framer

Common Core State Standards Initiative (Mathematics)

Next Generation Science Standards

Pennsylvania Earth Science Teachers Association

National Earth Science Teachers Association

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