The Luquillo LTER/CZO Schoolyard Data Jam 2016

26 Sep 2018 - Photos and student created products from the 2016 Data Jam.

The Luquillo LTER/CZO Schoolyard Data Jam 2017

26 Sep 2018 - Photos and student created products from the 2017 Data Jam.

The Luquillo LTER/CZO Schoolyard Data Jam 2018

26 Sep 2018 - Photos and student created products from the 2018 Data Jam.

Luquillo CZO SAVI International Scholars Program recipients anounced

10 Apr 2018 - Two Luquillo CZO researchers have been named SAVI International Scholars Program recipients,   Emma Harrison from the University of...

Discussion paper open till April 5th in Biogeosciences

06 Mar 2018 - A discussion is open for the manuscript, "Elevating the biogeosciences within environmental research networks".

Teachers Data Jam Workshop

22 Jan 2018 - On Saturday, January 13, we successfully held our third Teacher Data Jam Workshop of the Luquillo LTER Schoolyard Program. On this occasion,...

Undergraduate course curriculum, “Introduction to Critical Zone Science,” available free online

01 Jan 2018 - A 15-week semester-long upper-level undergraduate course curriculum entitled “Introduction to Critical Zone Science” is now available free online.


CZOs at AGU 2017

05 Dec 2017 - Information on CZO award recipients, events, presentations, etc. at the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting.

Water Resources Research Special Collection: Concentration-discharge relations in the critical zone

30 Oct 2017 - Water Resources Research published a new special collection in September 2017 featuring concentration-discharge research from multiple CZOs.

CZNews: Fall 2017

25 Oct 2017 - The CZO National Office's quarterly newsletter CZNews: Fall 2017.

Earth Science Week 2017 Video Contest

15 Aug 2017 - For Earth Science Week 2017, the American Geosciences Institute invites you to enter the Earth Connections video contest. Submit a brief, 30-90...

CZNews: Summer 2017

27 Jul 2017 - CZO National Office's quarterly newsletter CZNews: Summer 2017.

Contribute a classroom/field activity to NAGT’s Teach the Earth

22 May 2017 - Contribute a classroom or field activity to Teach the Earth.

2017 CZO Webinar Series: Critical Zone and Society

06 Apr 2017 - 2017 CZO Webinar Series: Critical Zone and Society.

K-12 Soil Science Teacher Resources

24 Mar 2017 - The Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) is a professional scientific society, made up of soil scientists, educators, and consultants focused on...

Diego Barcellos Featured in UGA Graduate School Magazine

08 Feb 2017 - The Winter 2017 issue of UGA Graduate features an in-depth article about cross-CZO grad student Diego Barcellos


Data Jam Teacher Workshop held November 18th

30 Nov 2016 - On November 18, 2016, twenty science teachers from the Puerto Rico private and public school sectors participated in a six-hour Data Jam Workshop.

Critical Zone Profile - Diego Barcellos

09 Jun 2016 - PhD Student, Soil Science, University of Georgia


Joint AGU-ESA Event Brings Together Collaborative Networks

17 Aug 2015 - Members of AGU and the Ecological Society of America came together in their first joint event to discuss opportunities for research collaboration.

CZO Ecology Session at ESA 2015 Meeting

16 Jul 2015 - A session entitled 'Ecology in the Critical Zone" will take place at the Ecological Society of America (ESA) 2015 Meeting held  from August...

Salon on Deep Critical Zone Architecture held June 14-18, 2015

26 Jun 2015 - An international group of 17 researchers met at Snow Mountain Ranch, Granby, Colorado for 3.5 days of presentations and discussions on the nature of...

Learning exercise: How African dust feeds the Puerto Rico ecosystem

10 Jun 2015 - CZO and AGI distribute a hands-on learning exercise on the "Connectivity of Global Ecosystems: The Influence of Dry Deserts on Tropical Rain Forests"

Video: CZ graduate students reflect on experience at University of Western Australia Summer School

13 May 2015 - Students from around the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) gathered in Perth for two weeks in Feb. 2015 for the Inaugural WUN Summer School.

Two LCZO PhD students report back from the University of Western Australia Summer School.

30 Mar 2015 - Two PhD students studying at the Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory Participated in this year’s University of Western Australia (UWA) Summer School.


Luquillo CZO at AGU

11 Dec 2014 - A number of posters and presentations related to work at the Luquillo-CZO will be at AGU From December 15th to December 19th.

This Friday, December 5th is World Soil Day! 2015 is international Year of Soils!

04 Dec 2014 - This Friday, December 5th is World Soil Day!  The 68th UN...

World Changers 3.0

06 Nov 2014 - What does it take to change the world? Change it, that is, on a geologic scale that can withstand the rest of deep time? Meteoric impacts have...

Using a CZO network to explore the architecture, dynamics and evolution of the Critical Zone

03 Nov 2014 - The US CZO National Office has organized a webinar on December 8, 2014 at 11AM - 12:30 PM ET.

EarthScope holding a Geochronolgy short course prior to GSA free to students

31 Jul 2014 -   EarthScope is holding a Geochronology short course the two days before GSA that is free for students....

IITF 75th Anniversary Symposium

29 Apr 2014 - This year is the 75th anniversary of the International Institute of Tropical Forestry. Created in 1939, in cooperation with the University of Puerto...

2014 All Hands Meeting

24 Apr 2014 - Information for the 2014 All Hands Meeting for the CZO Network on 21-14 September, including registration information and abstract submission.

“What’s so critical about the Critical Zone?” webinar

02 Apr 2014 - March 31, 2014. Dr. Enriqueta Barrera (NSF CZO program director) and Dr. Gordon Grant (USFS; CZO Steering Committee chairperson)

Poetic Science Exhibit Opens at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico

07 Mar 2014 - A "Poetic Science" exhibit has opened at the  Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico (MAC) a collaboration between the USDA Forest Service...

UNESCO IHP has issued a Monograph on the Science and Practice of Integrated River Basin Management

17 Jan 2014 - The report is the product  of the North American - UNESCO HELP workshop held at Portland State University,  Portland, Oregon, May 10 -12,...


Geochemist’s workbench conference to be hosted at UPenn

27 Nov 2013 - For more information and to register please visit the workshops webpage The workshops will be presented by...

Discoveries in the Critical Zone: Where Life meets Rock

11 Jul 2013 - The National Science Foundation's Cheryl Dybas recently finalized a new report entitled "Discoveries in the Critical Zone: Where Life meets...

InTeGrating CZO Science

06 Jun 2013 - During the week of May 19, five faculty members interested in Critical Zone science traveled to Northfield, MN to participate in an InTeGrate...

Learn about Tropical Hydrology in Panama, Registration due Febuary 28th!

14 Feb 2013 - Tropical Hydrology/Hydrogeochemistry Field Course May 13-24, 2013 Hosted by the Technological University of Panama, University of Wyoming, The...


CZO Presentations at 2012 AGU

03 Dec 2012 - A listing of more than 125 CZO-related presentations for the 2012 annual meeting of the AGU.

LCZO begins New STEM Education outreach project.

03 Dec 2012 - Data sets available at the Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory website provide opportunities for real-world learning opportunities for pre-college...

The LCZO is featured in the University of Pennsylvania, Earth and Environmental Science newsletter

10 Oct 2012 - The LCZO is featured in the University of Pennsylvania, Earth and Environmental Science newsletter, here! This provides a good overview of the...

Flickr hosted historical photos from around Puerto Rico are available!

10 Oct 2012 - The below links contain numerous historical photos of Puerto Rico, these provide some great historical context about the evolution of the landscape...

New website provides information about water resources in the Luquillo Mountains!

10 Oct 2012 - Visit the new Water Resources of Puerto Rico website! this includes data page, articles, technical reports, references to other pages on the...


LCZO attends STEM Smart: Lessons Learned from Successful Schools

19 Sep 2011 - The CZO attends STEM Smart: Lessons Learned from Successful Schools at Drexel University hosted by NSF 9/19/11. Photos available under highlights ...

Maddie Stone was recently awarded a 2011 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship!

01 Jul 2011 - Congratulations Maddie! Maddie Stone was selected for her "outstanding abilities and accomplishments, as well as her potential to contribute to...


April 19th - Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory featured on

19 Mar 2010 - U. PENN (US)—Rising high above the pristine northeast coastline of Puerto Rico, the lush Luquillo Mountains are a natural laboratory for...

The Daily Pennsylvanian reports on the Luquillo CZO project.

27 Jan 2010 - The Luquillo Mountains of Puerto Rico may seem too far away from Philadelphia to matter much to Penn. However, researchers from the University have...

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