Logistical Infrastructure

Most activities within El Yunque National Forest, outside of hiking and taking photos, will require a permit. New guidelines have been issued by the USDA Forest Service to request a permit in 2014. Links to the new forms are below. 


Dorm facilities are available at 2 field stations, additional laboratory facilities, trail information and other resources for planning your trip are available. Please contact luquillo-czo@sas.upenn.edu for more infromation. 

Dorm facilities are available at 2 field stations:

For information about El Verde Field Station:


And to make a reservation:


To make a reservation at the USFS Sabana Field station please contact: 

Grizelle Gonzalez ggonzalez@fs.fed.us

Miriam Salgado-Herrera msalgado@fs.fed.us

Useful Contacts
Emergency 911
Luquillo Police Department Phone: (787) 889-1737
Rio Grande Police Department Phone: (787) 887-2020, (787) 887-2110
Sabana Field Research Station Phone Number: (787) 889-5335
El Verde Research Station Phone Number: (787) 764-0000 Ext. 4381

Miriam Salgado (USFS): msalgado@fs.fed.us
Carla López Lloreda (LCZO): carla.lpez09@gmail.com

Alonso Ramirez (UPR): aramirez@ramirezlab.net
Grizelle Gonzalez (USFS IITF): ggonzalez@fs.fed.us
Bill McDowell (UNH, NSF, LCZO): Bill.McDowell@unh.edu

Associated Files

Research Application Process
(61 KB doc)

USDA Forest Service standard form 299
(392 KB pdf)
Form needed for application for a research permit in El Yunque National Forest.

LCZO Safe Field Work Guide
(52 KB pdf)
Please consider the safety precautions in this document when planning your field work.

OSHA Zika guide lines
(357 KB pdf)
Guide lines for protection against the Zika Virus