The Eel River CZO is engaged in a number of education and outreach activities including algal identification workshops, UC Berkeley class field trips led by Eel River PIs, and citizen science data collection to help monitor the Eel River.

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Keith Bouma-Gregson (Graduate Student) speaks to a group about algae in the Eel River.

We aim to collaborate with academic, consulting, tribal, and citizen scientists working in California North Coast watersheds.

We are actively working with resource managers and watershed residents to generate knowledge and collaborative action that builds resource and ecosystem resilience, specifically in the Eel and Russian River coastal watersheds. Residents and watershed groups along the California North Coast are well-organized, observant, knowledgeable, deeply concerned with the future of coastal forests, rivers, and human communities (Friends of the Eel River, Eel River Recovery Program, Klamath Basin Monitoring Program, the Karuk tribe, and the Redwood Forest Foundation). We also plan to work with other groups and agencies (e.g., NOAA-Fisheries, Klamath Basin Monitoring Program) in the Eel, Russian, Napa, and Klamath River basins, many of whom we have collaborated previously. See our partners page for more details on who these groups are.

Workshops and Educational Events

With our partners, we will help put on workshops and short courses to help educate the public on the importance and value of CZ science. This includes a recent Algal Foray on algae identification and participating in educational events like the Eel River Recovery Project's Water Day.

UC Berkeley Courses & Graduate School

All our PIs are affiliated with UC Berkeley, which offers degrees in CZ fields and courses that visit the Eel River. Learn more about graduate school within each of our affiliated departments and see specific course listings here.

Mary Power (far right) and students from Ecosystems of California course at Angelo Coast Range Reserve.

Mary Power (far right) and students from Ecosystems of California course at Angelo Coast Range Reserve.

Education/Outreach Events

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