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CZOData IMC Meeting


CZOData Information Management Committee Kickoff Meeting

Stroud Water Research Center 970 Spencer Road Avondale, PA

In Nov. 2012 we are launching the next phase of the central CZOData project.  We would like to kick off our new team efforts with this 1.5 day meeting.

The meeting is for the new CZOData Information Management Committee (IMC) is an advisory committee to the national Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) integrated data management project (CZOData).  It brings three groups together -- the CZOData development team, data management staff from each CZO, and investigators from each CZO who bring diverse perspectives on how CZO data is and will be generated and used. The inclusion of investigators -- who are not necessarily the PIs -- will enable a more integrated partnership.

Being on the committee involves active participation -- in 2-4 workshops over the next 2 years, monthly conference calls, and leadership in sub-committees to represent disciplinary data requirements to the CZOData development team.

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