Predicting post-wildfire erosion better

Arizona Daily Star Article, November 30, 2014

08 Dec 2014
News Source: Arizona Daily Star

Image: Arizona Daily Star Article, November 30, 2014 [Click image to enlarge]

Jon Pelletier and his graduate student Caitlin Orem's research on the post Las Conchas fire erosion was highlighed in the Arizona Daily Star special science section,  read more on the page S24 - UA Science a place of Discovery and Innovation >>



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Using airborne and terrestrial LiDAR to quantify and monitor post-fire erosion following the Las Conchas fire, Jemez Mountains, New Mexico. Orem C.A. and Pelletier J.D. (2013): Abstract presented at Chapman Conference on Post-wildfire Runoff and Erosion Response, Estes Park, Colorado, 25 - 31 August

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