2020 Publications

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Papers and books that explicitly acknowledge a CZO grant are highlighted in PALE ORANGE.

4 Publications


Game changer in soil science The Anthropocene in soil science and pedology. Richter, Daniel D. (2020): Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science 183 (1): 5-11


Soil production and the soil geomorphology legacy of Grove Karl Gilbert. Richter, Daniel D., Martha-Cary Eppes, Jason C. Austin, Allan R. Bacon, Sharon A. Billings, Zachary Brecheisen, Terry A. Ferguson, Daniel Markewitz, Julio Pachon, Paul A. Schroeder, Anna M. Wade (2020): Soil Science Society of America Journal, in press


Limited carbon contents of centuries old soils forming in legacy sediment. Wade, A., D.D. Richter, A. Cherkinsky, C.B. Craft, P.R. Heine (2020): Geomorphology 354: 107018