Southern Sierra CZO to make more than 20 presentations at the 2011 Fall AGU Meeting

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23 Sep 2011

We will be giving presentations every day at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco, Dec 5-9

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AGU Presentations 2011

Monday, December 5

C.T. Hunsaker; D. Johnson. Nitrogen Contents and Fluxes in Sierra Nevada Forests of California. Abstract B13G-0656. Halls A-C, 1:40 PM.

Tuesday, December 6

M. Goulden; G. Winston; S. Parker; A.E. Kelly; A.W. Fellows. How Likely Is a Large Terrestrial Feedback to Climate Change? Abstract B23E-02. Room 2002, 1:55 PM - 2:10 PM. P.B. Kirchner; R.C. Bales; J. Flanagan; K.N. Musselman; N.P. Molotch Mountain front precipitation accumulation over a 3300m elevation gradient from scanning LiDAR? snow depth and in-situ instrumental measurements, southern Sierra Nevada, California. Abstract C23F-03. Room 3011, 2:10 PM - 2:25 PM.

Wednesday, December 7

E. Stacy; S.C. Hart; C.T. Hunsaker; D. Johnson; A. Berhe. Mechanisms of soil organic matter stabilization in sediments eroded from small Sierra Nevada catchments. Abstract B31G-0382. Halls A-C, 8:00 AM. K. Son; C. Tague. Spatial patterns of interaction among climate variability and change, soil water deficit and transpiration in small mountain catchments of Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory. Abstract GC31A-1020. Halls A-C, 8:00 AM. P.C. Hartsough; E. Roudneva; A.I. Malazian; M.W. Meadows; A.E. Kelly; R.C. Bales; M. Goulden; J.W. Hopmans. Comparison of sap flux data from two instrumented tree species in a forested catchment with different levels of water stress. Abstract GC31A-1023. Halls A-C, 8:00 AM. S.C. Welch; B. Kerkez; S.D. Glaser; R.C. Bales; R. Rice. Estimating Snow Water Equivalent over the American River in the Sierra Nevada Basin Using Wireless Sensor Networks. Abstract IN32A-07. Room 310, 11:50 AM - 12:05 PM. D. Johnson; C.T. Hunsaker; M.W. Meadows. Nutrient Hotspots in a Sierra Nevada Soil: Spatial Patterns on a Plot and a Watershed Scale. Abstract B33G-0551. Halls A-C, 1:40 PM. C. Woodward; D. Johnson. Determination of Spatial and Temporal Variability of Hot Spots/Moments in the Soil on a Small Scale. Abstract B33G-0553. Halls A-C, 1:40 PM. K.N. Musselman; N.P. Molotch; S.A. Margulis; P.B. Kirchner; R.C. Bales. Inter-annual snow accumulation and melt patterns in a sub-alpine mixed conifer forest: results from a distributed physically based snow model. Abstract C33D-0671. Halls A-C, 1:40 PM. R. Rice; R.C. Bales. An Assessment of Snowcover in 6 Major River Basins of Sierra Nevada and Potential Approaches for Long-term Monitoring. Abstract C33E-0689. Halls A-C, 1:40 PM.

Thursday, December 8

A.E. Kelly; M. Goulden; M.W. Meadows; R.C. Bales; G. Winston. Water and carbon cycling along the Sierra Nevada climate gradient. Abstract B41A-0203. Halls A-C, 8:00 AM. B. Kerkez; A.E. Kelly; R.G. Lucas; K. Son; S.D. Glaser; R.C. Bales. Effects of evapotranspiration heterogeneity on catchment water balance in the Southern Sierra Nevada of California. Abstract B41H-06. Room 2004, 9:15 AM - 9:30 AM. C.S. Riebe; D.E. Granger. Effects of Chemical Erosion on Cosmogenic Nuclide Buildup in Soils, Saprolite and Sediment. Abstract EP41B-0606. Halls A-C, 8:00 AM. M.W. Meadows; P.C. Hartsough; B. Kerkez; R.C. Bales; A.E. Kelly; J.W. Hopmans; C. Hedge; M. Goulden; S.D. Glaser. Comparing methods for quantifying soil moisture in the southern Sierra Nevada, California. Abstract H41D-1054. Halls A-C, 8:00 AM. J.L. Hayes; W.S. Holbrook; C.S. Riebe. Critical zone weathering in the southern Sierra Nevada and Laramie Mountains imaged by seismic tomography. Abstract H41D-1059. Halls A-C, 8:00 AM. M.H. Conklin; R.G. Lucas. Hillslope and stream connections to water tables in montane meadows of the southern Sierra Nevada, California. Abstract H43N-07. Room 3016, 3:10 PM - 3:25 PM.

Friday, December 9

C.E. Lukens; C.S. Riebe; D.L. Shuster; L.S. Sklar; J.D. Beyeler. Tracing the Origins of Coarse Sediment in Steep Mountain Catchments. Abstract EP51A-0824. Halls A-C, 8:00 AM. E. Eumont; P.C. Hartsough; A.B. Moradi; J.W. Hopmans Analysis of a Sierra Nevada white fir root biomass using terrestrial LiDAR? and image processing. Abstract H51A-1177. Halls A-C, 8:00 AM. J. Rings; T. Kamai; M. Mollaei Kandelous; P. Nasta; J.A. Vrugt; P.C. Hartsough; J.W. Hopmans Optimization of hydrological parameters in a Soil-Tree- Atmosphere Continuum model of a large White Fir. Abstract H51A-1187. Halls A-C, 8:00 AM. R.G. Lucas; M.H. Conklin; S.W. Tyler; F.I. Suarez; J.E. Moran; B.K. Esser. Physical and biogeochemical controls on polymictic behavior in Sierra Nevada stream pools. Abstract H51B-1209. Halls A-C, 8:00 AM. P.C. Saksa; R.C. Bales; R.L. Ray. Forest management for water: a hydro-ecological modeling exercise of headwater catchments in the mixed-conifer belt of the Sierra Nevada. Abstract H51D-1230. Halls A-C, 8:00 AM.

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