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Three additional sets of instrumented sites are available in the Southern Sierra for comparative research: these include the Kings River Experimental Watershed (KREW) project, sites in the Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Project (SNAMP), and the America River Observatory.

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Setting & Research
  • Setting & Research

    1. KREW

    The Kings River Experimental Watershed (KREW) is a research program of the U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station. KREW consists of two sets of 4 ~1-km2 headwater catchments, plus 2 larger catchments that encompass three headwater catchments each (see map). The Southern Sierra CZO is co-located with KREW at the Providence Creek site. The second site is located some miles to the southeast, approximately 400 m higher in elevation. These four ~1-kmcatchments comprise parts of the Bull Creek headwaters, and the Teakettle Experimental Forest. 

    2. SNAMP

    Two additional pairs of instrumented headwater catchments are available for comparative research. One pair lies just north of the main CZO site, in the Sierra National Forest just south of Yosemite National Park. The second pair lies in the American River basin. There is also an east-west transect of instrumented sites in Yosemite National Park, along Tioga Pass Road.

    3. American River Observatory

    Based on wireless-sensor measurement technology developed at the CZO, a basin-scale (> 2000 km2) observatory is under development in the American River basin. Twenty groups of wireless sensors similar to that in P301 are being deployed to make representative measurements of snow properties and soil moisture across the landscape.

  • Data

    KREW, Bull Creek - Streamflow / Discharge (2003-2010)
    21 components    Other instrumented sites    Hydrology    Carolyn Hunsaker

    Met Stations, KREW, Bull Creek, Lower - Meteorology (2003-2011)
    16 components    Other instrumented sites    Climatology / Meteorology    Carolyn Husaker

    Met Stations, KREW, Bull Creek, Upper - Meteorology (2003-2011)
    16 components    Other instrumented sites    Climatology / Meteorology    Carolyn Hunsaker

    National - Climate, Flux Tower, Streamflow / Discharge (1968-2015)
    7 components    Boulder Creek Watershed, Christina River Basin, Jemez River Basin, Santa Catalina Mountains, El Verde Field Station, Northeastern Puerto Rico and the Luquillo Mountains, Rio Blanco, Rio Mameyes, Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory, Providence Creek headwater catchments, Flux Towers Transect, Wolverton Basin, Other instrumented sites    Climatology / Meteorology, Hydrology, Soil Science / Pedology    Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory, Catalina-Jemez Critical Zone Observatory, Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory, Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory, Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory, Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory

    Spatial Data - GIS/Map Data (2003-2011)
    10 components    Wolverton Basin, Providence Creek headwater catchments, Other instrumented sites    GIS / Remote Sensing    Meadows, M; Stuemky, M.