2014 SSCZO Annual Meeting


2014 Southern Sierra CZO Annual Team Meeting

UC Center, Fresno, CA

2014 Annual Meeting of the Southern Sierra Critcal Zone Observaotry

August 4 & 5, 2014
Fresno, California

At the 2015 annual meeting, Observatory researchers, students, staff, collaborators, and others associated with or interested in the Observatory will meet in person in order to 1) report and discuss recent activities and findings from research and outreach efforts; 2) strategically plan new projects, partnerships, and publications; and 3) participate in a group field outing to observe new installations and discuss potential research opportunities.

Meeting Registration

The meeting registration form is now closed, but space may still be available. Please contact Outreach Manager Michelle Gilmore to inquire if you have not yet registered.

Presentation Archive

We're digitally archiving oral and poster presentations from this year's meeting. Upload yours if you'd like by sending your presentation to Michelle Gilmore. A link to view archived presentations will be sent to all attendees. Contact Michelle to request a link to view the archived presentations.

A list of updates will be presented by the following SSCZO colleagues: 

Toby O'Geen – Characteristics of soils and weathered bedrock
Pete Hartsough – extending some of the deeper monitoring or monitoring across the soil/saprock boundary to the other sites in the elevational transect
Zeshi Zheng – LIDAR ground truthing
Carlos Oroza – estimating sensor placements for wireless sensor network
Emma Aronson – Dust inputs to the CZO
Steve Hart – Biogeochemical updates
Ryan Lucas & Martha Conklin – Groundwater/surface water flows
Roger Bales – 1) LiDAR snow & AGB; 2) water balance
REU Students Alex Newman & Oby Offorjebe – summer project summaries
Frank Davis – Brief introduction & background
Matt Busse – Brief introduction & background
Mike Goulden – Flux tower & land-vegetation-atmosphere interactions
Eric Waller - climate analyses with the tower data
Naomi Tague & Kyongho Son – Ecohydrology modeling
Ryan Bart – Vegetation change & ecohydrology
Carolyn Hunsaker – Brief KREW update
Emma McCorkle – Sediment sources in the P303 & Bull 203 watersheds
Paige Kouba & Stacy Bogan – Groundtruthing hyperspectral remote sensing data
Morgan Barnes – Brief intro & background
Paige Austin – Brief intro & background
Chelsea Carey – Brief intro & background

Southern Sierra CZO researchers at the 2013 Annual Team Meeting. 


Agenda 2014 Team Meeting
(25 KB docx)
Agenda for the SSCZO Team Meeting Aug 4-5

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