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We are located within El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico, surrounded by tropical rainforests representative of many Caribbean island ecosystems. Research at El Verde focuses on forest dynamics, stream ecology and hydrology, and ecosystem processes. Most research is conducted by the Luquillo Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) program, LCZO and by scientists from the University of Puerto Rico and universities in mainland US.

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El Verde Field Station 

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  • Setting & Research

    To view more information about ongoing research visit The El Verde Field Station website 

    El Verde Field Station and Research Permit Area.

    El Verde Field Station and Research Permit Area.

  • Overview Maps

    El Verde Field Station and Research Permit Area

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  • Data

    El Verde Field Station - Soil Biogeochemistry - Phosphorus fractionation response to dynamic redox (2016-2018)
    1 components    El Verde Field Station    Biogeochemistry    Yan Lin; Amrita Bhattacharyya; Ashley N. Campbell; Peter S. Nico; Jennifer Pett-Ridge; Whendee L. Silver

    National - Climate, Flux Tower, Streamflow / Discharge - CUAHSI WDC web services (1968-2015)
    7 components    Boulder Creek Watershed, Christina River Basin, Jemez River Basin, Santa Catalina Mountains, El Verde Field Station, Northeastern Puerto Rico and the Luquillo Mountains, Rio Blanco, Rio Mameyes, Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory, Providence Creek Headwater Catchments (1660 - 2115 m elevation), Wolverton Basin (2230 - 2700 m elevation), Other instrumented sites    Climatology / Meteorology, Hydrology, Soil Science / Pedology    Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory; Catalina-Jemez Critical Zone Observatory; Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory; Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory; Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory; Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory

    Quebrada Prieta, El Verde - Vegetation, Soil Gas, Soil Moisture - Canopy Trimming Experiment (2003-2015)
    8 components    El Verde Field Station, Quebrada Prieta    Biology / Ecology    Sharon Cantrell; Grizelle Gonzalez; D. Jean Lodge; William H. McDowell; Barbara A. Richardson; Joanne M. Sharpe; Aaron Shiels; Timothy D. Schowalter; Whendee Silver; Michael R. Willig