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Regional sensitivities of seasonal snowpack to elevation, aspect, and vegetation cover in western North America. Christopher J. Tennant, Adrian A. Harpold, Kathleen Ann Lohse, Sarah E. Godsey, Benjamin T. Crosby, Laurel G. Larsen, Paul D. Brooks, Robert W. Van Kirk, Nancy F. Glenn (2017): Water Resources Research 53 Cross-CZO National


Quantifying the effects of wildfire on changes in soil properties by surface burning of soils from the Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory. Wieting, C., Ebel, B. A., Singha, K. (2017): Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies Volume 13, October 2017, Pages 43-57


Geochemical evolution of the Critical Zone across variable time scales informs concentration-discharge relationships: Jemez River Basin Critical Zone Observatory. McIntosh J.C., Schaumberg C., Perdrial J., Harpold A., Vázquez-Ortega A., Rasmussen C., Vinson D., Zapata-Rios X., Brooks P.D., Meixner T., Pelletier J., Derry L., Chorover J. (2017): Water Resources Research 53(5): 4169–4196 Cross-CZO National


Topographically driven differences in energy and water constrain climatic control on forest carbon sequestration. Swetnam T.L., Brooks P.D., Barnard H.R., Harpold A.A., and Gallo E.L. (2017): Ecosphere 8(4): e01797 Cross-CZO


Variation of organic matter quantity and quality in streams at Critical Zone Observatory watersheds. Miller, Matthew P., Boyer, Elizabeth W., McKnight, Diane M., Brown, Michael G., Gabor, Rachel S., Hunsaker, Carolyn T., Iavorivska, Lidiia, Inamdar, Shreeram, Johnson, Dale W., Kaplan, Louis A., Lin, Henry, McDowell, William H., Perdrial, Julia N. (2016): Water Resources Research, 52 (10): 8202–8216 Cross-CZO


Geophysical imaging reveals topographic stress control of bedrock weathering. St. Clair, J., S. Moon, W. S. Holbrook, J. T. Perron, C. S. Riebe, S. J. Martel, B. Carr, C. Harman, K. Singha, D. deB. Richter (2015): Science, 30 October 2015, Vol. 350, no. 6260, pp. 534-538 Cross-CZO National


Common Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) Infrastructure and Measurements. J. Chorover, S. Anderson, A. K. Aufdenkampe, R. C. Bales, S. L. Brantley, W. Dietrich, P. Kumar, K. A. Lohse, W. McDowell, D. Richter, T. White (2015): A Guide Prepared By CZO PIs, May 05, 2015 Cross-CZO National


Graduate Research Group White Paper: Cross-CZO Research Potential. Harpold, A.A., D. Karwan, J. Perdrial, J.A. Marshall, J. Driscoll, A. Neal, and C. Phillips (2013): Internal CZO publication Cross-CZO National


Linkages between denitrification and organic matter quality, Boulder Creek Watershed, CO. Barnes, R.T., R.L. Smith, and G.R. Aiken (2012): Journal of Geophysical Research- VOL. 117, G01014, 14 PP



Concentration-discharge relationships during an extreme event: Contrasting behavior of solutes and changes to chemical quality of dissolved organic material in the Boulder Creek Watershed during the September 2013 flood. Rue, G.P., Rock, N. D., Gabor, R. S., Pitlick, J., Tfaily, M., McKnight, D. M. (2017): Water Resources Research

A model of three-dimensional topographic stresses with implications for bedrock fractures, surface processes, and landscape evolution. Moon, S., J.T. Perron, S.J. Martel, W.S. Holbrook, and J. St. Clair (2017): Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 122 (4): 823-846 Cross-CZO

Designing a network of critical zone observatories to explore the living skin of the terrestrial Earth. Brantley, S.L., McDowell, W.H., Dietrich, W.E., White, T.S., Kumar, P., Anderson, S., Chorover, J., Lohse, K.A., Bales, R.C., Richter, D., Grant, G., and Gaillardet, J. (2017): Earth Surface Dynamics Cross-CZO National

Sources of streamflow along a headwater catchment elevational gradient. Cowie, R. M., Knowlesa, J. F., Daileya, K. R., Williamsa, M. W., Millsa, T. J., Molotch, N. P. (2017): Journal of Hydrology Volume 549, June 2017, Pages 163–178

Dating of river terraces along Lefthand Creek. Foster, M.A., Anderson, R.S., Gray, H.J., and Mahan, S.A (2017): Geomorphology

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Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory (BcCZO-II) Annual report 2016. Anderson, S. (2016): Boulder Creek CZO, University of Colorado Boulder

Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory Data Management Plan. Fey, J. (2016): Research Ideas and Outcomes 2: e9419 (06 Jun 2016)

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Undergrad Theses

Spring of Gordon Gulch: A groundwater analysis . Heckman, C. (2012): Honors thesis, Environmental Studies, University of Colorado, 53 pp.

Landscape scale linkages in critical zone evolution. Anderson P.S., Anderson R.S., Tucker G. E. (2012): Comptes Rendus Geoscience 344: 586-596

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Gilbert’s soil production paradigm and a critical zone’s size-dependent fractionation of particles. Richter, D.deB., J. Austin, R. Anderson, A. Bacon, S. Brantley, Z. Brecheisen, A. Cherkinsky, W.S. Holbrook, V. Marcon, J.Pachon, P. Schroeder, A. Thompson, and A. Wade (2017): Critical Zone Science: Current Advances and Future Opportunities, Arlington, VA, 4-6 June, 2017 Cross-CZO

Topographic Control of Aboveground Carbon Pools Across an Environmental Gradient, Eastern Slope of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado. Swetnam T., Brooks P., Gallo E., Barnard H., Harpold A. (2015): Abstract H21C-1382 presented at 2015 Fall Meeting, AGU, San Francisco, CA, 14-18 Dec. Cross-CZO

Honoring the Reality of Blocky Hillslopes: Case Study of a Vertical Dike at Shiprock, New Mexico. Glade, R., and Anderson, R.S. (2015): EP53B-1023 Erosion and Sediment Transport in Steep Landscapes III Posters, presented at 2015 Fall Meeting, AGU, San Francisco, CA, 14-18 Dec.

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Advances in reactive transport modeling of geochemical systems: Applications to acid rock drainage and the evolution of the critical zone. Pandey, S. (2015): Pd.D. dissertation, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder.

The torrential and the mundane: Climate controls on hillslope weathering, channel bed material, and landscape evolution in the Colorado Front Range. Langston, A. L. (2014): Ph.D. dissertation, Dept. of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder.

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