Adam Wlostowski


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National, Boulder
Hydrology, surface water - groundwater interactions, hydrologic connectivity, modeling, data

Postdoctoral Scholar, INSTAAR, Univ. of Colorado Boulder
INSTAAR - Institute of Arctic & Alpine Research
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PhD, University of Colorado, Boulder, 2017
MS, The Pennsylvania State University, 2013
BS, The Pennsylvania State University, 2010

My interests lie at the intersection of hydrology, biogeochemistry, geology, and climatology. My research is broadly focused on understanding physical and biological controls on hydrologic partitioning and connectivity in the Earth’s “critical zone”. I am interested in understanding how critical zone structure influences hydrologic processes and function. By analyzing long-term hydrologic, geochemical, and meteorological data sets my research extracts quantitative signatures of the co-evolution of critical zone structure and function.

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    Patterns of hydrologic connectivity in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica: A synthesis of 20 years of hydrologic data. Wlostowski, A., Gooseff, M., McKnight, D.M., Jaros, C., Lyons, W. B. (2016): Hydrological Processes, 30(17): 2958-2975 National

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    I'm undertaking an ambitious but needed project of coalescing and analyzing hydrologic data across the Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) Network. This project will include visiting each CZO to elicit and document the perceptual models of hydrologic function. And the project takes advantage of the CZO platform to help reconcile top-down and bottom-up understandings of hydrologic function.

    My cross-CZO project is co-advised by Noah Molotch (Boulder Creek CZO & Southern Sierra CZO) and Ciaran Harman (Johns Hopkins University).